HYPOCRISY: Why Is Trudeau Silent On Anti-Semitic Imams?

Justin Trudeau has been quite busy slandering Canadians as “Islamophobes,” even though polls show the majority of Canadians do not share his “hear no evil, see no evil approach” to radical Islamism.

Disturbingly however, while Trudeau is condemning Canadians, he so far refuses to condemn the horrendous Anti-Semitism being spewed at some mosques in Canada by radical imams.

In one of the most terrible incidents, as reported by CJNews, there have been vile and hateful sermons made at the Al-Andalous Islamic Centre in Montreal.

In one instance, imam Sayed al-Ghitawi called on Allah to “destroy the accursed Jews,” and “kill them one by one,” and “give victory to our brothers who engage in jihad for your sake everywhere.”

The mosque did not even apologize for the vile sermon, instead saying the comments were “taken out of context.”


Other sermons at the same mosque included imam Wael al-Ghitawi saying Jerusalem is “Arab and Islamic,” and that Jews are descendants of “Mongols.”

Those comments sound like what you’d expect to hear at a 1930’s Nazi rally, not Canada in 2017.

Why is Trudeau silent on Anti-Semitic imams?

Justin Trudeau’s silence on the vile hate being spewed at the Al-Andalous Islamic Centre is deeply concerning. Why is he so quick to try and divide Canadians and attack his political opponents, but so slow to condemn actual hate?

Calling for the destruction of a whole group of people is calling for genocide, which must absolutely be condemned and stopped. And yet, Trudeau remains silent.

Perhaps Trudeau is afraid that bringing attention to those vile hate-filled sermons will make it tougher for him to slander Canadians as “Islamophobic.”

Perhaps Trudeau is worried it doesn’t fit his narrative.

Or perhaps he is just a gutless coward.

Whatever the reason, Trudeau is clearly failing the test of leadership. Canada’s leaders must stand up for all Canadians.

Justin Trudeau must stop hiding from this, and he must clearly and forcefully condemn this unacceptable hatred towards Jewish people that is happening right here in Canada.

Otherwise, more and more Canadians will start to doubt his true motives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Memri TV


**This is the video released of Sayed Al-Ghitawi calling for the death of Jews. (No translation)**

You can read more about this awful video and the reaction here.