POLL: Only 14% Of Canadians Support M-103

Common Sense Prevails Among The Canadian People

A new Forum Research Poll shows only 14% of Canadians support the Trudeau Liberals Motion M-103, a sign that common-sense is prevailing over the Liberals dangerous political games.

The poll was conducted among 1,340 Canadians, and the results will come as a total shock to the out-of-touch elites.

Here is what Canadians think of M-103:

  • 40% say M-103 should be changed to remove the focus on one religion (“Islamophobia”).
  • 31% say M-103 should be changed to mention all religions.
  • 14% say M-103 should be kept as is.
  • 15% say they do not know.

This is a total rejection of M-103, and it shows that Canadians see through the attempt by Justin Trudeau and Iqra Khalid to cast any M-103 opponents as “Islamophobic.”

If Trudeau wants to keep slandering Canadians, he is going to be insulting 86% of the country, including the 71% of Liberal voters who want to see M-103 changed.

Clearly, focusing on “Islamophobia” is seen by Canadians for what it is: A cynical and dangerous political game to silence dissent and blind us to legitimate concerns.

As Canadians turn on M-103, Conservatives must keep up the pressure

Two recent polls show the Liberals recovering some of their lost support, which means the mass rejection of M-103 is not yet damaging Trudeau’s support.

The Conservatives must courageously and relentlessly hold Trudeau accountable for his attempt to demonize and divide Canadians. They must show how Trudeau’s agenda on M-103 is part of a larger globalist agenda to suppress freedom of speech and expression. They must also make clear that Trudeau is deliberately trying to erase our national identity and sense of patriotism.

They must point out that despite overwhelming opposition to M-103, Trudeau is ignoring the will of the Canadian people and pushing it through anyway.

Common-sense, a love of our nation, and a deep commitment to freedom is embedded within the soul of our country. That is what will stop people like Trudeau who want to turn Canada into a post-national state.

As the M-103 poll shows, Canadians can see that Trudeau is acting in a way that harms our nation, and those of us who oppose his agenda must have the courage to speak the truth and begin to turn the tide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Andre B Delage

14% watching CBC MEDIA…


14%, hum… why then is it so difficult for the Liberals to understand and just drop it…it’s a waste of time and our money..

Andre Delage

He have an agenda…. supported from George Soros and company …my question is … how long will Justin have the full support of his members …I bet that the liberals are having a ears full from their constituency… do you understand now why he surround himself with feminist?

Allen Trowsdale

Yes and liberals are a waste of time and politics and money we need to get him out of power

pamela kingwell


Marie Racine

I emailed this to the most of the Liberal Party Members: George Orwell 1984, I read that in 1966. It still scares me to this day. I am asking that you vote your conscience and veto the M 103 motion that threatens our right of free speech. You know this is not right. If you are not aware, Canada has never had this many marches, discontent and almost-riots in our streets, ever. Yes, we are all immigrants, products of our immigrant parents who taught us to stand up and be counted. Don’t expect us to turn the other cheek when… Read more »

pamela kingwell



Very well said Marie.

Andre Delage

Laws against hate crimes are already in place in Canada and so there is no need for further legislation.


The Turd-O’s popularity is dropping like a lead balloon , he is well on is way to catching up to his provincial collaborator, Kathleen ” Mr. Ed ” Wynne who is at 12% in the polls, this arrogant ski bum is dancing to the tune of his Islamic puppet masters ,we will take our country back, and revoke all laws that go against the Canadian constitution ! NO SHARIA FOR OUR CANADA !!!

June C Dobson

if trudeau had any active brain cells at all, he would be really smart and withdraw his name from the race,he would be saving a lot of face,,,,,,he is not completely stupid (?????? ) is he, he must read how Canadians want him G O N E, he will feel some embarrassed the morning after the ballots are counted,, right now,he still has time to save face,,before much longer,he will have no time,time will be gone,Canadians and others will be calling him “L O S E R “,,,if he acted like an adult now,,he would save face,,, but D U… Read more »