“SEWER RATS”: Sarah Hoffman Must Resign For Insulting Albertans

People expect politicians to verbally attack each other. It’s not the best part of politics, but it’s how things go. Those who decide to run know that it’s part of the process, and various parties generally give as good as they get.

But what people don’t expect, is for the public to be insulted and verbally attacked by those they elected to serve them.

Clearly, Alberta NDP Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman has forgotten that important lesson.

In the Alberta Legislature, Hoffman responded to an opposition member by saying the Wildrose Party was “Spending a lot of time with sewer rats.”

That’s about as low as you can go. That’s not an insult directed at her opponents, that’s an insult directed at the people of Alberta. It shows that Hoffman has a huge amount of disrespect for any Albertan who does not support her party – which is the vast majority people – and it shows that she is willing to cast her opponents as less than human in an attempt to score political points.

Sarah Hoffman must resign for Sewer Rats comment

Sarah Hoffman went way too far and she must resign. Politicians must remember that they are servants, not masters of the people. There must be a basic level of respect for the people who pay politicians salaries through their taxes.

Government creates nothing. It only takes. That imposes upon government the most sacred of responsibilities, which first and foremost requires a deep level of respect for the people.

Sarah Hoffman showed she does not have that level of respect. Therefore, she must resign.

Spencer Fernando


WATCH: Hoffman calls Albertans “Sewer Rats”

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