Big Government Fail: Ontario Businesses Could Flee South As Energy Costs Rise

Ontario residents have been struggling for years under the burden of big government. Taxes, fees, and spending have skyrocketed, while the economy has struggled and the middle class has suffered.

Kathleen Wynne’s – and before her Dalton McGuinty’s – energy policies have been a total failure. The pocketbooks of Ontarians were raided to fund naive utopian green energy schemes.

Now, it looks like the consequences are expanding.

As reported in the Financial Post, many Ontario manufacturers are considering leaving the province and heading to the United States.

The reason?

Unaffordable Hydro Rates.

As Jocelyn Bamford – owner of Automatic Coating Inc. told the Post, “The government treats us like bourgeois sweatshop operators who have to be stopped.”

Bamford is absolutely right. Wynne and the Ontario government have zero respect for people who actually create wealth and keep the province alive.

It was also pointed out that Ontario once had near the lowest rates in all of North America, while now they are among the highest.

These massive rate hikes are killing businesses in Ontario.

According to the Post, Automatic Coating Inc.’s Hydro rates went from under $25,000 per month to over $49,000 per month over the past decade. Included in those rates is the Global Adjustment, which covers the cost of the fact that Ontario sells power to the United States at a loss.

Sheer stupidity on the part of the Ontario government.

Elitist politicians destroy the livelihood of hard-working people

One of the key problems with those obsessed with the big government ideology is that they are too far removed from the suffering caused by their policies.

They sit all day in their comfortable offices collecting their steady salary, and just push numbers around on paper, totally oblivious to the fact that they are destroying the dreams and futures of thousands of people.

Every time they increase taxes, push some foolish scheme, or bring in a crushing new fee, they take people’s economic independence away. They don’t just rob people of their money, they rob people of their dreams.

Now, because of the out-of-touch elitist politicians obsessed with their own power, businesses could be leaving the province, taking their jobs and wealth creation with them.

According to the National Post, “Automatic Coating has an offer to move to Mississippi. Plasticap Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ont., more than 50 years old and a maker of plastic lids using injection moulding, plans to expand in Ohio or Virginia rather than Ontario. Surati Sweet Mart Ltd., a busy Indian baked goods manufacturer in Toronto, has visited New Jersey, Georgia and Texas.”

It is also reported that Toronto has lost 20% of all their manufacturing jobs in the past ten years.

Time to end big government and empower the people

Big government is failing miserably. It is time to give power back to the people, making sure that people keep more of their own money and have the freedom to make their own financial decisions. Some politician sitting in their office shouldn’t be able to destroy a business at the stroke of a pen.

Those who have taken unaccountable power for themselves must be defeated, and a government that trusts and empowers the people must take their place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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