US Government Planning Big Weapons Sales To Taiwan

It is being reported by Reuters that the Trump Administration is planning a large arms shipment for Taiwan, to help the island nation defend against an increasingly aggressive Chinese Military.

The Obama Administration had previously cancelled a sale of weapons to Taiwan, and the new shipment under the Trump Administration is expected to be much larger.

One US official reportedly told Reuters, “The political desire is there to do a substantial sale,” and said the desire on the part of the new US administration is for a deal “that’s much stronger, much more significant than the one that was not accepted by the Obama people.”

The total military package could exceed $1 billion.

According to the report, the focus of the deal will be to give Taiwan’s “asymmetric” abilities, such as advanced rocket launching systems, and anti-ship missiles. The point of such technology would be to strengthen Taiwan’s ability to defend against an invasion or attack from China.

News of the deal comes as China increases military spending and expands their military power on disputed islands.

China’s neighbours, including Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, are growing increasingly wary of China’s expanding military technology, and their expanding reach in the South China Sea.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter