LANDSLIDE: Jason Kenney Winner Of Alberta PC Party Leadership Race

Jason Kenney is the new leader of the Alberta PC Party, after an overwhelming win in the leadership race.

Kenney won on the first ballot, gaining 75.5 of the vote.

1,476 votes were cast in total.

Kenney has pledged to end the PC Party by merging it with the Wildrose in order to ensure a unified centre-right movement to defeat the Alberta NDP.

Both of Kenney’s opponents had opposed a merger of the PCs and Wildrose parties.

Kenney says he will “work hard to repeal each element of the disastrous NDP legislative and regulatory record.”

Uniting the Right

Kenney now faces the task of uniting the Right in Alberta. He has already been offered a meeting by the Wildrose Leader Brian Jean, where Jean says he will tell Kenney what he has heard from Wildrose Party members regarding a merger.

Jean has indicated that he would leave his position as Wildrose leader to run for the leadership of a unified centre-right party.

NDP in trouble

With unity on the right looking more and more likely, the Alberta NDP faces serious trouble. The latest NDP budget has not gone over well, with a massive rise in debt and a potential credit rating downgrade looming.

Polls show the Rachel Notley led NDP could be wiped out following a merger. A February 21, 2017 Mainstreet Research Poll put the NDP at just 23%, trailing both the Wildrose (38%) and PCs (29%).

Fully 54% of Albertans support unifying the Wildrose and PC parties, and if that many voted for a unified party the NDP would be soundly defeated.

The NDP’s economic record has been terrible, as they have added to the burden of low oil prices by piling taxes and regulations upon the energy sector. They have shifted money from the private sector to the government sector, increased taxes, and run massive deficits. Failure all around.

The failure of the NDP has given increased momentum to the movement to form a unified opposition, and Jason Kenney’s win means the NDP’s days in power may be numbered.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Jason Kenney)