Paris-Orly Airport Attack: Man On Terror Watch List Killed After Shooting Cop & Trying to Steal Gun From Soldier

France remains under a State of Emergency after string of terror attacks

A man described as a “radicalized Muslim,” has been shot dead by police in Paris at the Orly Airport.

Earlier, the man had shot a police officer in the face, before making his way to the airport.

While at the airport, the man approached a group of soldiers and tried to steal the assault rifle of a female soldier, wrestling her to the ground and struggling for the weapon. He was unable to take the weapon from her, and was subsequently shot dead by the soldiers.

A photo of the dead attacker is below.

Paris-Orly Airport Attacker - Ziyed Ben Belgacem

The soldiers were members of France’s Sentinelle forces. They are part of an elite group deployed around the country in response to the ongoing terrorist attacks that have plagued France.

The man has been identified as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a 39-year-old man from the Paris area. Belgacem was said to be on a terror watch list.

The anti-terror prosecutor in France has announced that a terror inquiry has begun.

Attacker leaves disturbing text message

Ziyed Ben Belgacem sent a text message to his father after shooting the police officer. He wrote, “I’ve screwed up, I’ve shot a policeman.”

After Belgacem was shot dead, police detained his father and brother. They also raided his home.

WATCH: “He was holding the soldier by her neck.” Witness describes Paris-Orly attack.

State of Emergency in France

France remains under a state of emergency, which began after the horrific Bataclan massacre in which radical Islamist gunmen killed 90 people. The State of Emergency was supposed to be lifted in July of 2016, but the very day it was scheduled to end a terrorist plowed a truck into a crowd of people in Nice, killing 84 and injuring hundreds.

The ongoing violence in France is a clear reminder that the threat of terrorism is not receding, and our way of life remains under direct threat. The Western World cannot afford to be naive or complacent.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter