Trudeau Government Losing Track Of Illegal Border Crossings

Despite their efforts to convince Canadians that all is well at the border, it turns out the Trudeau government is losing track of the actual numbers.

A recent report shows the government does not actually know how many people have crossed the border.

Additionally, both the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and RCMP are not releasing specific data on how many people are filing asylum claims after crossing illegally.

While over 2,000 asylum claims were reported by the CBSA in the first two months of 2017, those numbers were not broken down by the location of the claim, meaning the government can’t say how many actually made claims at the border.

To try and get a sense of possible numbers, the report analyzed Manitoba crossings, and found that around 100 people “just disappeared into the stats.” Some border crossers apparently said they were trying to get to Toronto, despite crossing at the Manitoba border.

Is Trudeau hiding illegal border crossing info from Canadians?

Part of the problem is that Canada’s border is vast, and has been starved of resources. The government simply hasn’t hired enough border guards and has not built enough border infrastructure to provide the security that is necessary. That means people are slipping through undetected, and we may have no idea how many are entering our country

However, Justin Trudeau has also shown a willingness to lie to Canadians and hide info from the people he is supposed to serve. It is quite possible that he is suppressing the real border crossing numbers – especially if they happen to be much higher than expected.

Trudeau has already deceived Canadians by acting as if things are just fine at the border, when the reality is far different. There is no way Canadians can trust him now, especially with our security potentially at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter