Living In Fear: 59% Of French Citizens “Don’t Feel Safe Anywhere”

The ongoing epidemic of radical Islamist terror attacks in France has destroyed any sense of security in that country. Now, a new poll shows the massive toll the seemingly endless terror is having on the people of France.

According to an IFOP-FIDUCIAL Poll, a full 59% of French citizens say they “do not feel safe anywhere.”

Further, 71% feel the security situation in their country has gotten worse during the last five years, while a 93% say there is a high threat of more terror attacks.

69% also say the police and security forces do not have enough members.

The people of France want their borders back

While the globalist elites are trying to open up all the borders, people around the world are pushing back. The IFOP poll shows that 55% of the French population wants to leave the European Union open border area (AKA the “Schengen Zone”).

The French also want a much tougher crackdown on non-citizens breaking the law. A full 88% want foreigners who commit serious crimes to be deported. Further, 84% support the construction of more prisons.

The arrogant elites put citizens at risk

While regular, hard-working citizens try to make ends meet and pay the bills, the governing elites play around with utopian schemes to “reshape” entire societies. For all their supposed education and intelligence, the elites have created societies that are less safe and have far fewer financial opportunities for the majority of people. They’ve rigged the game so a few people at the very top live in safety and wealth, while danger and financial struggle spreads.

Consider the irony that most high-level politicians and elites live in gated communities with walls, security, and barriers – while telling the rest of us that we are “racist” or “intolerant” if we want our national border respected and our citizens to be put first.

It is incredibly sad to watch a country as beautiful as France suffer under the fear imposed by a combination of radical Islamism, and elitist politicians unwilling to keep citizens safe

The people of France deserve to live in safety and freedom once again.

Spencer Fernando