DECEPTION: Trudeau Lied About Middle Class Tax Cut

It comes as no surprise to hear that Justin Trudeau lied. His entire time in office has been one deception after another.

Trudeau has lied not only about specifics, but about his very approach to government. “Real Change,” and “Positive Politics,” has quickly degenerated into arrogance, elitism, and dishonesty. Far from bringing Canadians together, Trudeau has divided this country as never before.

With all of that in mind, it’s useful to consider how far that deception has gone. One of the best ways to measure that is to look at a promise Trudeau could have easily kept, but instead chose to hide under a pile of lies.

The “Middle Class Tax Cut” is a prominent example.

During the 2015 campaign, Trudeau promised a big tax cut for middle class Canadians. This played a big role in his election win, and was the centerpiece of his economic platform (along with those “small & temporary” deficits).

However, as Stephen Gordon notes in the National Post, Trudeau didn’t actually cut taxes for most middle class Canadians.

Writes Gordon about the supposed tax cut, “It’s also not for the middle class. According to the tax data published by the Canada Revenue Agency, only the top one-third of tax filers in 2015 would have benefited from a reduction in the tax rate on the second bracket.”

Adds Gordon, “So the tax cut for the median tax filer — someone reporting total income somewhere around $45,000 — is either negligible or non-existent. On the other hand, someone with taxable income three times as large receives the maximum benefit. In both absolute terms and as a percentage of income, someone earning $150,000 gets more than someone making $50,000. It’s not really a middle-class tax cut — more like an upper-middle-class tax cut.”

First of all, I have no problem with cutting taxes. Canada needs much lower taxes across the board, particularly for low-income and truly middle-income people. It’s time for the government to start finding savings within its own operations so it can reduce the burden on taxpayers.

With that in mind however, the Trudeau Liberals did not go around talking about a “tax cut for those already doing pretty well,” they talked about a “middle class tax cut,” and constantly referred to how the struggling middle class needed help.

Now, as Gordon points out, they did not follow through.

What makes this so appalling is how easy a promise it would have been to keep. Simply design a tax policy that provides the greatest benefit for those truly at the middle-income level. It’s not difficult. There’s an entire finance department there to get it done. This means Trudeau didn’t do it because he didn’t want to. And that shows his contempt for those who supported him.

The “Middle Class Tax Cut” can be added to the list of Trudeau’s lies, just like electoral reform, small deficits, supporting Veterans, and a whole list of other failures.

Trudeau’s lies should be top of mind when we listen to all the great-sounding “promises” in the upcoming budget.

When Trudeau – or a member of his government – speaks, we can be certain that everything we hear is empty of meaning and devoid of truth.

Spencer Fernando