POLL: Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Handling Of Illegal Border Crossings

A new poll shows Canadians are turning against the weak border policy of Justin Trudeau.

Here are the results of a Reuters/Ipsos survey of Canadians conducted between March 8-9:

  • 48% say illegal border crossers from the United States should be deported, while 36% say they should be allowed to stay.
  • 46% of Canadians disapprove of how Trudeau is handling illegal border crossings, while only 37% approve.
  • 41% of Canadians say illegal border crossings make Canada less safe, 46% say it will make no difference, and only 4% say it makes Canada safer.

Trudeau’s weak attitude means more illegal crossings are on the way

When Trudeau tweeted that “Everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from is welcome in Canada,” he sent a message. Unfortunately, that message is naive and foolish. Immigration systems don’t work that way. We don’t just let anybody in. Canada decides who we let it in, and there is a legal process that must be followed. Even advocates for refugees understand that.

As Janet Dench of the Canadian Council of Refugees told Reuters, “Refugees are much more welcomed when we have gone and selected them ourselves as a country, as opposed to refugees who have chosen us.”

Trudeau no longer serves Canadians

When you consider the results of this poll, it is clear that Canadians can sense when our generosity and kindness is being exploited. Our “leader” is encouraging that exploitation, which could put the safety of Canadians, and the integrity of our immigration system – at risk.

Ensuring the integrity of our borders, the strength of our laws, and the security of our people, are the most important tasks of a leader. Justin Trudeau has abdicated that responsibility, and has abandoned his duty to the Canadian people.

Just as he has ignored the will of the Canadian people on M-103, he is ignoring the common sense demands that our laws be enforced and our border protected.

As this pattern of behaviour continues from Justin Trudeau, all Canadians – regardless of our political ideology – must hold him and his government accountable for refusing to serve the best interests of our nation.

You can view the full poll graphic here.

Spencer Fernando

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Earle Nault

Having all these refugees here strengthens the U.S. claims that terrorists are entering their country thru ours and it will make crossing the border to the U.S. more difficult for legitimate Canadians.


So why can’t we get rid of that criminal?? Canadians must have some control over a government… Remember..we do pay his and the rest of the governments wages.., .. it’s time for our ethics commissioner to do something….


I don’t think Canadians have any voice in what Trudeau does. Canada is doomed under his dictatorship! Write your MP’s hopefully they can do something! We needs different laws where the people have the say! Every vote counts and you have to be a Canadian citizens for 5 years and have proof of citizenship! Trudeau is stacking the deck with illegals immigrants and refugees. He is very corrupt!


It’s the media. They are the ones who are keeping the serious acts to Canadians by Justin at a low key; they are the ones that are helping Justin promote hate and evilness on Canadians; they are the very ones that will spend their lives defending and protecting the liberals than that of their very own families friends and countrymen from the corrupt and vile ruthless arrogant traitor Justin Trudeau.
And they should be held to account.


The arrogant unqualified person we call the PM of Canada must step down for the good of Canada. Step down arrogant Justine Trudeau. You don’t speak for me or a majority of other Canadians. You have not had my respect since being elected and I will never get my support. Just vote NO to Justin Trudeau, 2019!

Don Taylor

He is fast becoming the most hated PM in Canadian history,which he truly deserves