WATCH: Gay Muslim Man Opposes M-103 “Islamophobia” Motion At Press Conference

M-103 is a disaster. Liberal Ministers can’t defend it, and Canadians don’t want it.

Now, those opposed are speaking up even more strongly against it.

At a press conference held by Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms, Youssef Chlela – a gay 30-year-old Muslim man – spoke out against M-103.

Watch his remarks below:

This is a short, but powerful speech. Youssef Chlela points out that Christianity and Judaism – along with other religions – have benefited from criticism. And states that “as a secular Muslim, he wants to open his religion to criticism and get the benefit of it.”

Opening Islam up to criticism will help “find its weaknesses and strengths, and help improve on the weaknesses.”

He also points out that the motion could harm Muslims because it will “discriminate us from progressing and opening our religion to progress and to get more and more modernized.”

In just 51 seconds, Youssef Chlela demolishes the case for M-103, demonstrating a courage and clarity of thought that is lacking in the Trudeau government.

Youssef Chlela’s remarks are a reminder that opposition to M-103 must go beyond partisan differences. All Canadians, of all political leanings must speak out against this attempt to suppress speech and silence dissent. After all, the Trudeau government is basing this motion on the concept of “Islamophobia,” which was invented by the Iranian Islamic Fundamentalists in the 1970’s.

It takes some courage for Chlela to speak out, as gay people are treated horribly in the Muslim world. He clearly understands the importance of Individual Liberty and Freedom, and is determined to defend both. The fact that he is so concerned about M-103 should make every Liberal take a good long look in the mirror and realize that they are now fighting against everything they once claimed to support.

Motion M-103 is dangerous, and more and more Canadians are waking up to that fact.

All MPs, including Liberals, need to do the right thing and block M-103. The will of the Canadian people must be respected, and the Individual Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion that forms the backbone of our society must be defended.

Contact your MP and urge them to do the right thing.

Spencer Fernando

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