Hiding Something? Trudeau Liberals “Delay” Access To Information Reforms

The Trudeau government likes to portray itself as “open” and “transparent,” while doing the exact opposite.

They have become so far removed from their campaign pledges that the broken promises are adding up by the day.

So, it’s not a huge surprise to find out that reforms meant to strengthen the Access to Information system are being “delayed.”


The government had promised changes that would have – among other things, – increased the amount of info shared to the public from the Prime Minister’s Office, cabinet, and other government institutions.

The changes were promised by winter of 2016.

Instead, they have been delayed, with “no new timeline for implementing them.”

According to the government, it’s now a “complex” matter. That’s Ottawa-speak for “we don’t want to keep this promise anymore.”

The Liberals ran on an image of transparency and openness, and strengthening Access to Information was essential to that image.

As we know, the government is supposed to serve the Canadian people, and that makes us the bosses of the politicians. That means Canadians should be able to know what his happening behind the scenes, rather than getting the same old BS propaganda fed to us on a constant basis.

Access to Information system needs big changes

As reported by Jim Bronskill in the Canadian Press, the Access to Information system has some serious problems, and needs to be brought up to date.

“…the system has been widely criticized as slow, out of date and riddled with loopholes that allow agencies to withhold information rather than release it. The law has not been significantly updated since it took effect almost 34 years ago,” writes Bronskill.

He adds, “The latest delay is likely to further frustrate transparency advocates and civil society groups who have long called for changes that would take the 1983 Act out of the file-folder age and into the digital era of ready access to public information.”

Of course, Trudeau doesn’t want more transparency, especially since he is already under review by the Ethics Commissioner. Perhaps he is worried about more info coming to light?

Trudeau used talk of transparency to get elected, but doesn’t care now that he has power

Once again, the gap grows between the Trudeau that ran in 2015, and the Trudeau that governs today. As a result, nobody will be surprised if this “delay” in making government more transparent ends up being permanent – at least as long as the Trudeau Liberals remain in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter