MOTION M-103: Recorded Vote Will Take Place Thursday

A group of Conservative MP’s have forced a recorded vote on the dangerous and divisive Motion M-103.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals had tried to sneakily move up the day of the motion, from April to the day before the budget. Obviously, their intention is for budget news coverage to drown out any talk of M-103.

While the establishment media would certainly fall for such a scheme, Canadians can see past the lies. With over 70% of Canadians opposing M-103 in its current form, the government wants to ram it through quickly and then distract everybody.

Thankfully, a group of MP’s have now forced a recorded vote, which will take place in the House of Commons Thursday afternoon.

This means those in attendance will have to either vote “yes” or “no” on M-103, leaving a clear historical record of where they stand.

M-103 sets dangerous precedent

As I – and others – have pointed out, the key flaw of M-103 is the use of the term “Islamophobia.” It is a term that was invented by the Iranian fundamentalists, and designed specifically to invalidate all criticism of Islam. Of course, that goes completely against our values as a country that values free speech and individual liberty.

M-103 is not about fighting bigotry, it is about de-legitimizing criticism of a religion. If the motion said “anti-Muslim bigotry,” instead of “Islamophobia,” there would be widespread support for it. The Conservatives tried to make that change, but Justin Trudeau’s PMO blocked it. That made it clear Trudeau is pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with the best interests of Canadians.

As that agenda becomes more obvious, people are waking up.

Canadians are realizing that freedom of speech doesn’t just disappear in a day, it slowly gets eroded over time. Motions like M-103 are part of that process of erosion, slowly shrinking the limit of “acceptable” speech, and letting the anger and outrage of those on the extreme dictate what the rest of us are allowed to say.

That is something Canada must not accept.

MPs will have to stand up and be counted

This Thursday, MP’s will have to show where they stand. MP’s who vote “yes” will show that they are willing to bow down at the alter of political correctness instead of defending Canadian principles.

Those who vote “no” will be taking a stand for the rights of all Canadians. They will be fighting for our right to speak our minds and criticize any idea we want to – including Islam.

Thursday will be a time for choosing, and Canadians will be watching closely.

Contact your MP and urge them to vote NO on M-103

Spencer Fernando

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