Trudeau’s Billionaire Island Trip Cost Taxpayers $127,000

It has been revealed that Justin Trudeau’s ethics-challenged trip to the private island of the billionaire Aga Khan cost Canadian taxpayers over $127,000.

Those figures are from official documents shown in the House of Commons.

Among the costs were overtime for RCMP officers, per-diems, and travel costs.

The Department of National Defence also had to spend $32,000 for a CC-144 Challenger.

Trudeau is now being investigated by the Ethics Commisioner for the trip. Under ethics legislation, a Member of Parliament must alert the conflict of interest commissioner about trips like the one to the Aga Khan’s Island, and accepting a flight on private transportation in that circumstance is not allowed.

However, Trudeau appears to have broken those rules by flying on the Aga Khan’s private helicopter, and refusing to tell the Ethics Commissioner about the trip.

Trudeau has called the Aga Khan – described as the spiritual leader for Ismaili Muslims – “a family friend.”

Unfortunately, Canadians are paying for that friendship.

Additional staff went on trip

It’s not just security staff that ended up costing taxpayers.

Canadians paid for Trudeau’s “Tour technician,” who racked up $6,305 in expenses – including $1,604 in per diems.

Another $15,173 was spent for Global Affairs staff.

Trudeau’s food bill on the plane alone was $1720

Trudeau and staff somehow managed to rack up a $1720 food bill, just on the plane rides.

That is absurd.

Trudeau never should have gone on the trip in the first place, but at the very least he should have shows some respect for Canadian taxpayers by keeping costs down.

Of course, that’s far too much to ask from our arrogant elitist “leader.”

Trudeau should repay taxpayers for the whole cost of the trip

After the initial controversy over the trip, Trudeau repaid taxpayers just $4,895. That’s a pathetic amount considering the full cost of the trip. If he had even a shred of respect for Canadians, Trudeau wold immediately repay the full amount. We know he can certainly afford it. With that in mind, why hasn’t the government asked the Aga Khan to send some money for the cost of the trip? Certainly, somebody with their own private island can afford $127,000.

Of course considering Trudeau’s entitled attitude and contempt for Canadian taxpayers, that’s unlikely to happen.

Trudeau just sees Canadian taxpayers as one big pile of money, and he’s determined to extract as much as he can from us.

Spencer Fernando