To Stop Terror, We Must Move Beyond Political Correctness

We must be willing to face the truth and confront radical Islamism

In the aftermath of horrendous terror attacks, many in the west are often caught up in the ritual of political correctness.

The same pattern is followed every time:

Solidarity is expressed with the victims, security measures are increased temporarily, and we say the attacks won’t change us.

Those first three things are important, particularly supporting the families of those who are lost. We must all stand together in these terrible moments.

However, the conclusion of the politically correct ritual is a big problem: After all is said and done, we refuse to look any deeper into the threat of terrorism. We don’t ask the tough questions, or confront the difficult issues. We just move on as if nothing happened.

Rarely do we see an open and frank conversation about the fact that an overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks are perpetrated by those with an Islamist ideology. And we talk even less about the fact that people are pushing that ideology – even within our own countries.

For example, Justin Trudeau has been quick to condemn any criticism of Islam (which is a religious ideology, not a race), as Islamophobia,” and “bigotry.”

And yet, while Trudeau has been busy attacking Canadians, he has been silent on the horrendous and vile rhetoric being spewed in some Canadian Mosques.

This politically correct double-standard could put as at serious risk, because it risks turning our kindness and generosity into a naive attitude that is easily taken advantage of.

It’s not just in Canada where this unwillingness to face the truth is taking place.

The UK already allows Sharia Law, meaning the government there has shown a willingness to compromise their values, rather than stand up for them.

Yet, whether the elites want to acknowledge it or not, unless the issue of Islamist extremism spreading within the West is dealt with, our societies will become more and more unsafe.

Unfortunately, political correctness has become so pervasive among the elite that some say we need to accept that terrorism is simply a fact of life.

In fact, the French Prime Minister recently faced massive – and justified – criticism when he said people had to “learn to live with terrorism.”

That is simply unacceptable.

It’s not possible to live with an ideology that wants us dead. Defeatist comments like that do not represent leadership, they represent cowardice and submission.

The West must be stronger than that.

We have built the greatest societies the world has ever known, based on individual liberty and a determined defence of freedom.

We should not be forced to accept that our societies will become more and more dangerous. We should not have to live under the constant threat of a terrorist attack.

Instead, we must put aside political correctness and face reality, because only by first seeing the world as it is, will we be able to secure the safe future we want and deserve.

Spencer Fernando