UK PARLIAMENT TERROR ATTACK: Shots Fired, Officer Stabbed, Pedestrians Mowed Down

Police are treating incident as a Terrorist Attack.

4 dead, 20 injured.

A horrible incident has taken place in the area of the UK Parliament. There are reports of gunfire, and numerous severely injured people were seen on the ground.

Reports are that an assailant mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before scaling the fence around Parliament, firing shots, stabbing a police officer, and then being shot by police.

Eyewitnesses are saying there were at least 10 injured people on the bridge, some of them bleeding severely.

European officials are saying the attacker may have been “inspired” by ISIS propaganda.

This is the one year anniversary of the Islamist terror attack on Brussels.

The attack also fits the pattern of previous ISIS-style attacks, similar to vehicle attacks that in France, Germany, and even the US.

Today is Prime Minister’s Question Time at the UK Parliament meaning the top government and opposition officials would have been in Parliament. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is believed to be safe.

The London Ambulance Service has declared the attack a “Major Incident.”

A map showing the location of the attack is below. (Source – Reuters)

UK Parliament Attack Map

Police have released a statement:

UK Police Statement - Parliament Attack

Videos of UK Parliament Attack Aftermath

Photos of UK Parliament Attack

Source: Reuters – Toby Melville

Source: Reuters – Toby Melville

Source: Reuters – Toby Melville

Source: Reuters – Toby Melville

Source: Reuters – Toby Melville

The police continue to maintain a perimeter around the area, and the investigation is ongoing. Police have not yet released the name of the attacker or attackers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter