WATCH: Ambrose Reminds Trudeau He’s Not Dictator Of China

As we know, Justin Trudeau has shown a disturbing attraction to the authoritarian Chinese Communist government.

He once said he admired their “basic dictatorship,” and has given Chinese billionaires the chance to lobby him at Cash-For-Access events.

Yet all too often, the establishment media gives Trudeau a pass on his concerning desire to praise those who act contrary to the principles of Canada.

That’s why it was great to see Rona Ambrose rip into Trudeau in question period, reminding him that he is not a Chinese dictator.

Watch as Ambrose puts Trudeau in his place:

Ambrose effectively pointed out how Trudeau’s recent moves to – as his propagandists spin it – make Parliament more “efficient,” actually damages our democracy and moves Canada more in the direction of the dictatorships Trudeau so admires.

Canada needs to see more of this. When Canadians are reminded of Trudeau’s disturbing comments and his anti-freedom tendencies, he begins to lose support. However, he is often effective at changing the channel and – with the establishment media support – creating a false-narrative that makes it look like his policies are popular, when in reality the majority of Canadians oppose him.

Therefore, the opposition, and all Canadians who support individual liberty and want to see taxpayers respected, need to keep sharing clips like the one above, and do everything we can to get the message out about Trudeau’s real attitude and harmful agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – CPAC Twitter screenshot