WATCH: Ambrose Reminds Trudeau He’s Not Dictator Of China

As we know, Justin Trudeau has shown a disturbing attraction to the authoritarian Chinese Communist government.

He once said he admired their “basic dictatorship,” and has given Chinese billionaires the chance to lobby him at Cash-For-Access events.

Yet all too often, the establishment media gives Trudeau a pass on his concerning desire to praise those who act contrary to the principles of Canada.

That’s why it was great to see Rona Ambrose rip into Trudeau in question period, reminding him that he is not a Chinese dictator.

Watch as Ambrose puts Trudeau in his place:

Ambrose effectively pointed out how Trudeau’s recent moves to – as his propagandists spin it – make Parliament more “efficient,” actually damages our democracy and moves Canada more in the direction of the dictatorships Trudeau so admires.

Canada needs to see more of this. When Canadians are reminded of Trudeau’s disturbing comments and his anti-freedom tendencies, he begins to lose support. However, he is often effective at changing the channel and – with the establishment media support – creating a false-narrative that makes it look like his policies are popular, when in reality the majority of Canadians oppose him.

Therefore, the opposition, and all Canadians who support individual liberty and want to see taxpayers respected, need to keep sharing clips like the one above, and do everything we can to get the message out about Trudeau’s real attitude and harmful agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – CPAC Twitter screenshot

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Very proud of Rona. Thanks for standing behind the people.,

Sheila Robillard

I agree, Just love that woman. This is the most arrogant self entitled deceptive PM in history. I cannot believe that there are not more of his cronies in the background that want to cross the floor . His policy’s are simply traitorous .


Oh wow, there he is again, grand standing and giving himself a pat on the back. Meanwhile canadians can’t even stand the sight of him.

Steve Hayward

Does this guy not understand there was a recession world wide during the past 10 years ?The conservative party kept Canada as one of the best countries coming out of the recession and one of the main factors for the recession was the Nafta agreement signed by the liberals .

M Igriczi

Good speech . Yes democracy is in danger. Trudeau is showing support for communist and Islamic ideology , both which take away our freedom s of speech, and other rights. I sure hope Trudeau rethinks this approach .

Vella Charles Vincent

Very proud of MP Rona. Pointing out that this is Canada and not Communist China. A Prime Minister should be available at all times for questioning and not just one day a week. We all go to work every day, so why should it be any different for this PM ? Canada is a democratic country and Mr. Trudeau is acting like a dictator.

Jean Paul

Deputy Ambrose had the right word!, need people like her to bring PM Trudeau to reality!


Trudeau is undermining our democracy in favour of globalism at every opportunity. I am shocked that Liberal Canadians are being so duped


Ambrose was amazing and I must say an exotic looking lady who belongs in the vogue magazine.


Why can’t an early election be called!!! So many Canadians are tired of being lied to… The Liberal party is useless!!! There wasn’t a vote to change our laws… I’m talking from Canadians not just the politicians… I know for a fact in my area of Cambridge, Ontario there wasn’t a questionnaire asked about M-103.. I know for a fact that MP Brian May voted on his government tails. To watch him stand up for Cambridge when he didn’t ask!!! I don’t know about you, but that makes me sick.. So in saying that I am very proud of her… Read more »

Maie Gunn

I totally agree with you !

Maie Gunn

Justin Trudeau is a loser, hoping to have a better person to lead the conservative very soon and I pray that the people are smarter next time to elect someone who has more experience !

Maie Gunn

Justin Trudeau is a loser, he is bringing the country backward with his stupidity. Hoping someone from the conservative party will be chosen real soon !

Maie Gunn

Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister that the country has ever had, hoping they will elect a conservative with more experience soon.

J Peterson

Is there no way to FORCE this 39% trudeau fool from office using our existing democratic rules/guide lines??


yes why didn’t he put it to the people in a referendum when they voted for m-103, he doe’s just what he likes, that’s not the demacratic way to run a government but then that is trudeau.