BETRAYAL: Trudeau Government Passes M-103, Ignores Will Of Canadians

Coward Trudeau not even in House for the vote

Despite the fact that a clear majority of Canadians were opposed to M-103, the Trudeau government – along with some other MP’s – have voted in favour of Motion M-103.

All Conservatives in the House opposed the motion, with the exception of Leadership candidate Michael Chong.

M-103 is based upon the idea of Islamophobia,” which was actually invented by the Islamist Fundamentalist Iranian regime in the 1970’s to stifle legitimate criticism of Islam.

The final vote count was 201 yes, and 91 no.

This is a disgrace.

Canadians were strongly opposed to M-103, and a wide range of people spoke out against it. An organization called Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms held a press conference in Ottawa, and included a warning against M-103 from Youssef Chlela – a 30-year-old gay Muslim man.

Instead of listening, the government and some other MP’s betrayed the will of the Canadian people, and pushed forward a dangerous and divisive motion.

Canadians must speak out

Now that M-103 has passed, it is even more important to speak out against attempts to weaken our laws and erode our freedom of speech.

Canadians must defend our right to speak our minds, and to be free to criticize any and all ideas.

Individual liberty and freedom of speech must be defended.

Right now, there is a petition against Sharia Law spreading across Canada. Over 20,000 have signed it. Add your name and spread the word.

Just because M-103 has passed doesn’t mean Canadians will stop standing up for our country.

Sign the anti-Sharia Law petition

Spencer Fernando


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