BETRAYAL: Trudeau Government Passes M-103, Ignores Will Of Canadians

Coward Trudeau not even in House for the vote

Despite the fact that a clear majority of Canadians were opposed to M-103, the Trudeau government – along with some other MP’s – have voted in favour of Motion M-103.

All Conservatives in the House opposed the motion, with the exception of Leadership candidate Michael Chong.

M-103 is based upon the idea of Islamophobia,” which was actually invented by the Islamist Fundamentalist Iranian regime in the 1970’s to stifle legitimate criticism of Islam.

The final vote count was 201 yes, and 91 no.

This is a disgrace.

Canadians were strongly opposed to M-103, and a wide range of people spoke out against it. An organization called Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms held a press conference in Ottawa, and included a warning against M-103 from Youssef Chlela – a 30-year-old gay Muslim man.

Instead of listening, the government and some other MP’s betrayed the will of the Canadian people, and pushed forward a dangerous and divisive motion.

Canadians must speak out

Now that M-103 has passed, it is even more important to speak out against attempts to weaken our laws and erode our freedom of speech.

Canadians must defend our right to speak our minds, and to be free to criticize any and all ideas.

Individual liberty and freedom of speech must be defended.

Right now, there is a petition against Sharia Law spreading across Canada. Over 20,000 have signed it. Add your name and spread the word.

Just because M-103 has passed doesn’t mean Canadians will stop standing up for our country.

Sign the anti-Sharia Law petition

Spencer Fernando


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karen Grant

Wow, so sad. Don’t really know what else to say. I was hoping that MP’s would wake up. They are there to represent the voters. Disgusting!

james chatterton



I have to agree with you on that one and I think the stupid Canadian politicians Canada (Liberals and NDP) will find out soon enough it was a huge mistake on their parts. Just try to alter the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That will be interesting so until then their bill holds no water. Fools.

Sheila Robillard

Even the turncoats NDP voted for this idiocy . Tommy Douglas will be turning over in his grave to see how sorry his party is now. We must vote out this traitorous party next election if not before somehow. Trudeau has started a war.

Comox Courteny

From a Canadian l will no longer stand quietly by and let Radical Islam put down roots in my Canada… l will resist their attempt to take away my free speech l look at Greece l look at Italy l look at Germany l look at France l look at England l think to myself why would l want this outdated farce in my Canada…. why would l want Sharia Law in my Canada… why would l want no go zones in my Canada… why on earth would someone even consider this in this day and age Why should Canadian… Read more »

Corrie Wright

Is it ok to copy and paste this on my facebook wall? This is very well written and I really want to share this.


Well said. Why do they not look at how this is working for other countries are the polititions so foolish that they think Canada will be different It is no different here. Our laws will survice to protect, woman , children and men we don’t require Sharia Law


Truly sad. I wrote to my MP and MPP protesting their participation in this motion. This is about party not people. This is about job security not integrity. This is about fear of public shaming not freedom. This is not about Islamophobia. I reminded them that great leaders are not remembered for doing the popular thing but that they are remembered for doing the right thing. Few of our MP’s and MPP’s will be remembered. Maybe the rest of Canada needs to get a little more aggressive. Maybe Christians and other religions need to get radical and demand rights just… Read more »


It was disheartening to watch the liberal mps submit to the whims of their dictator Justin in support for ‘cruelty and brutality of women, killing of jews and Christians and apostates. The blood of our nation now rest on their hands never be able to wash away the stains from their hands.

Andrew Rourke

Islam has been doing this for the past 1400 years. Muslims use terms that depict the different stages of infiltration of foreign governments and how they do it.


They better build more jails cause a lot of Canadians will be arrested. Under the charter of rights and freedoms I still can say what I think and am entitled to my opinion. I can state clearly I will never vote Liberal or NDP again in my life time. They are traitors and shame on the whole works. Completely despicable. I am seriously thinking of moving out of Canadistan and soon,


WELCOME TO CANADISTAN. How sad to destroy such a beautiful country. We all can thank our Liberals and NDP for their stupidity.


Justin is nothing but a coward a betrayer and though he purposely stayed away from the vote his very own signature is on the paper of that motion allowing his mp to forward her motion of m-103. He has sealed his own fate along side his mps.

You are wrong, its not majority, show me numberrs and proof publish your numbers…dont make false statements….you dont like it here move…


There have been polls searchable on google, they were about 1600 against M103 vs 24 for. That’s .015% for the motion. There were many polls you can easily find to reference.

Hal F.

“you dont like it here move” – you must be a Muslim… or a Liberal politician hell bent on making our country unlivable for anyone that isn’t a Muslim. It’s ironic considering that once the Muslim majority takes over, anyone that identifies with the LGBT community will have to move out too. So will non-believers considering that Quran preaches killing them, as well as agony and torture. The Jews won’t do so well considering what our government is allowing them to preach in Mosques in Ontario. The Christians might be okay once they convert.

Fred Fenney

In our country,[ correct me if I’m wrong,] all people, groups, cultural or otherwise are declared equal under our laws. This bill should be immediately challenged in the Supreme Court for singling out a special group to be elevated above protections offered to ANY others……

Don J. Holley

The “cutie pie” Trudeau that so many swooned over is a sheep in wolves’ clothing. I wish people would look past the dimples and realize what a dictator and self-serving egotist he really is.


Canadians need to be heard. We sit back and hope our representatives will protect us ALL fairly and without causing this kind of division. You come to Canada our families and yours should be treated the same. A 1400 yr old Tradition of treatment to woman and children is not our way. The wool has fallen over the eyes of our Sheep Trudeau We can live with Muslims when they decide they want to live with us. But the opposite is happening here we are not good enough for them So its our laws that change. This is rediculus