M-103 POLL: Canadians Say NO To Trudeau’s Manipulative Motion

A new poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute shows Canadians would vote NO on M-103 if they had their say in Parliament.

The poll also shows Trudeau’s focus on “Islamophobia” is out of step with the views of the majority of Canadians, who see it as an overblown issue.

Here are some of the key M-103 poll results:

  • 42% of Canadians would vote “No” on M-103.
  • Only 29% of Canadians would vote “Yes” on M-103.
  • 29% are unsure or would abstain.

In every part of the country, more people oppose M-103 than support it.

Canadians don’t think M-103 is worth passing

  • 31% say M-103 should not be passed and is a threat to freedom of speech in Canada.
  • 26% say it’s not worth passing because it won’t do anything.
  • 31% say it’s worth passing for symbolic reasons, but won’t really do anything.
  • A mere 12% say it will help.

Canadians believe anti-Muslim discrimination has been exaggerated by politicians and the media

  • 55% of Canadians believe politicians and the media have overblown the issue of anti-Muslim discrimination and attitudes.
  • 45% think Canada has a serious problem with discrimination and negative attitudes towards Muslims.

Interestingly, 25% of Canadians think Canada has issues with anti-Muslim discrimination, while also thinking politicians and the media have overblown the issue. This suggests Canadians see a difference between addressing an issue, and cynical attempts to use it for political gain as Justin Trudeau is doing with M-103.

MP’s must listen to the will of the Canadian people and vote NO on M-103

Coming on the day of the vote, this Angus-Reid poll shows once again that Justin Trudeau is forcing an unwanted agenda on the Canadian people.

Canadians can sense that there is something else going on here: Trudeau has spent a massive amount of time talking about “Islamophobia,” while remaining silent on the horrendous and vile rhetoric being spoken at some of Canada’s mosques. Trudeau is applying a double standard to Canadians.

That means Liberal MP’s have a choice: They can side with Trudeau who is ignoring the will of Canadians and pushing a dangerous and divisive agenda, or they can stand up for the Canadian people and vote NO on M-103.

Canadians will be watching, and we will remember those who do Trudeau’s bidding instead of standing with Canadians. They will have shown that they are unwilling and unable to defend the rights of Canadians. They will need to be voted out and replaced with true representatives of Canada.

View the full Angus Reid Institute M-103 poll here

Spencer Fernando