DANGEROUS: Trudeau Is Gutting Canada’s Military

Justin Trudeau’s latest budget failed on many levels. More deficits, more debt, and less growth will result from it.

However, one of the under-reported aspects of the budget is the gutting of the Canadian Military.

For all of us who want a strong Canadian Military, or even want an adequately funded force, the details are disturbing.

$8.4 billion worth of equipment spending is being eliminated from the military, representing a massive cut to an already underfunded force.

That money would have gone directly towards equipment for those serving our country, and other capital expenditures.

Strangely, the government says the money will be put back into the military budget “sometime over the next 20 years.”

That promise means nothing, as any pledge by a government to spend money in the 2030’s (which is when the money would supposedly go back in) has zero credibility.

Defence analysts say Trudeau cuts make no sense

Trudeau’s gutting of the military has caught defence analysts by surprise.

The government has given the odd explanation that they need to “reallocate” the money for future purchases – including armoured fighting vehicles and search & rescue planes. However, the government has already announced those programs.

Defence analysts aren’t buying the Trudeau government’s explanation for the massive gutting of the Canadian military.

Dave Perry of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute told media, “That explanation makes no sense, that whole description is incoherent, so I cannot make heads nor tails of what they are saying.”

Added Perry, “I’m stunned this budget is actually taking money away from the military and pretending to give it back several decades in the future.”

While the government tried to take credit for $184 million in new operations spending, it was reported that the “new” funding was actually previously set aside by the Conservatives.

Trudeau puts Canada at risk & disrespects those in uniform

Trudeau has increased spending on just about everything, so the fact the he is cutting the military is even more outrageous.

The world is getting more dangerous, and western countries need to step up our military strength. In a dangerous world we can’t just hope for the best, we have to be prepared for the worst. That means cutting the military puts our country at risk. 

Trudeau’s military cuts also increase the potential danger faced by those in uniform. The government has talked about increasing our military presence in Eastern Europe and Africa, but how can that be justified if military equipment spending is cut?

If Canada sends our troops into harms way, we have a solemn duty to give them the best of the best in terms of equipment.

Instead, Trudeau is willing to put our troops in danger while also cutting their funding. How can he sleep in night sending people into possible war zones while gutting the equipment they rely upon?

That is a total disgrace, and it raises even further doubts about Trudeau’s loyalty to Canada.

Canada needs a government that will actually put our country first. Our military needs more funding to help keep our people safe while ensuring our men and women in uniform have everything they need.

Budget 2017 shows that will never happen so long as Justin Trudeau is in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter