ROCK-BOTTOM: Kathleen Wynne Approval Falls To Just 12%

After years of failed big government policies and incompetent administration, the people of Ontario have decisively turned against Premier Kathleen Wynne.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, only 12% of Ontarians approve of Wynne’s performance as premier, down from 16% in the last quarter.

Failed Hydro policy crushing Ontarians

Numerous scandals and failures have pushed Wynne’s numbers to rock-bottom levels. Two Ontario Liberals are facing Election Act bribery trials in September, which is just the latest in a long line of ethical struggles for them.

However, the real issue is the failed Hydro policies of Kathleen Wynne (and Dalton McGuinty).

According to Angus Reid, 74% of Ontario residents say their Hydro Bills are unreasonable, while 76% say they expect the sale of Hydro One will make their rates go even higher.

Of note, a full 53% of Ontarians say their bills are “Very unreasonable.”

And when it comes to the Hydro One sale, a full 82% of Ontarians oppose the sale of Hydro One.

Big Government fails again

Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty attempted to impose big government utopian schemes to “reshape” Ontario. Instead, all they ended up reshaping were the wallets of Ontarians, which are now much emptier.

Instead of working to strengthen the energy market in Ontario, and instead of keeping rates low and helping put more money in the pockets of Ontario residents, the government has implemented policies that dramatically increased the cost of energy, and dumped reckless amounts of debt into failed schemes.

Disturbingly, we are seeing this same approach – with some of the same architects – in Ottawa under the Trudeau government.

Just like Kathleen Wynne, Trudeau is obsessed with the idea that government can control everything and make better decisions than individuals. He is so stuck to that failed big government ideology that he can’t see the damage it’s doing in Ontario, and wants to take it national.

We are already seeing the consequences as our economy stagnates, our debt explodes, and massive new taxes to “help the environment” risk destroying our economic competitiveness.

Ontario can’t afford Kathleen Wynne, and Canada can’t afford Justin Trudeau. Our country needs to wake up and stop the big government ideology before it’s too late.

Read the full Angus Reid poll here.

Spencer Fernando