Canadians Oppose Liberal Plan To Sell Canada’s Airports

The bad poll numbers keep rolling in for Justin Trudeau.

Canadians are expressing strong opposition to Liberal plans to sell Canada’s airports. As reported in the same Forum Research poll that surveyed reactions to the federal budget and party standings, only a fraction of Canadians like the idea.

Here are the numbers:

  • 45% oppose selling Canada’s airports
  • 26% are undecided
  • 15% say they do not know
  • Only 13% support selling our airports

Foreign countries could get control of Canada’s airports, and costs could rise

As reported by the Toronto Star, Canadians could face higher flight costs, and some worry airport infrastructure investments will be reduced.

As well, depending on how a sale is structured, foreign investors could gain control of Canada’s airports.

That would be completely unacceptable, as it would represent the Liberals selling off Canadian assets to other countries that would not have our best interests at heart.

Of course, that won’t stop the Trudeau Liberals from pushing forward with selling off our airports, since they couldn’t care less about Canadian public opinion.

Selling off our airports would fit with a disturbing pattern in Trudeau’s behavior: He seems opposed to the free market when it comes to empowering Canadians, as he raises our taxes and implements policies that restrict investment.

Yet, Trudeau seems to love helping big corporations and foreign investors – particularly from China – giving them privileged access and benefits that Canadian workers, consumers, and small businesses don’t receive.

You can bet China would love to get their hands on Canadian airports.

That’s why we should be very concerned about the Liberals pushing for the selling of our airports.

Spencer Fernando

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