POLL: Trudeau Liberals Fall Behind Conservatives

A new Forum Research poll taken in the wake of the poorly received federal budget shows the Trudeau Liberals have fallen behind the Conservatives.

Here are the results: 

  • Conservatives – 38%
  • Liberals – 36%
  • NDP – 15%
  • Bloc – 6%
  • Green – 4%

The establishment media is reporting that the declining poll numbers are due to the unpopular federal budget. While the budget is certainly unpopular – only 14% approve – the media is overlooking the impact of M-103.

M-103 was extremely unpopular, and the Trudeau government betrayed Canadians by forcing it through over our objections. M-103 became a highly publicized issue – mostly because of protests against it, forcing the elitist media to put at least some attention towards it.

Advocacy against M-103 spread quickly online, with Canadians especially disturbed by the government using the term “Islamophobia” as an excuse to suppress dissent.

The manipulative motion went directly against the core Canadian principles of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Despite the government’s attempt to tie criticism of Islam to “racism” and “bigotry,” Canadians saw through the lies.

I don’t expect the media to link M-103 to the Liberals fall in the polls, since they are stuck in their failed politically correct ideology, but that doesn’t change the truth.

Many Canadians have woken up to the disturbing actions of the Trudeau government as they attempt to erode our right to criticize an idea.

Those opposed to Trudeau must realize that holding him accountable for his actions is the only way to defeat him. The pressure must be kept up relentlessly, and the elitist establishment media can’t be relied upon. Just as with M-103, we need to get our message out through our own networks – bypassing the propaganda and lies of the government.

There is a long way until the next election, and as it gets closer the media will certainly do what it can to prop up Trudeau and his elitist agenda.

That is why Canadian Patriots be relentless in keeping Trudeau’s poll numbers low and driving them even lower.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Spencer, really appreciate your columns.
Please advise is democrasy death, with the recent vote for M103 how can there not be even just one liberal MP that voted against it, is it because it is a recorded vote and voting against your leader is political suicide now. Makes you wonder if we still have a democratic process in parlement?

Jean Paul

I think our Political Leaders are on a Cloud of illusions, in a Dream World, they think they should aspired to, they think they know better than people living in reality!, they think they know what the Future should be…luvvie people!


Thank you for the up date, I was looking for this information just a few hours ago. What you do here is great work. Thanks again. POWER TO THE PEOPLE