SHAMEFUL: Trudeau May Send Troops To Africa, Despite $8.4 Billion In Military Cuts

It is unacceptable to send troops into harm’s way without giving them everything they need to do the job

Justin Trudeau is considering sending Canadian troops on “peacekeeping” missions in Africa this year, despite cutting $8.4 billion in military equipment funding in his most recent budget.

Last year, the Trudeau government said Canada would send 600 troops to be part of UN operations in Africa, though the government has not yet picked a location to send them.

Originally, the government was supposed to decide where to send troops in the latter half of 2016, but say they delayed that decision due to the election of Donald Trump.

With a decision expected soon, Trudeau is acting as if he is giving the issue careful consideration.

According to the Canadian Press, Trudeau said, “We have a difficult history in Africa as peacekeepers and we need to make sure that when we embark on any . . . military mission, we make the right decisions about what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and the kind of impact we’re going to have on the ground and on Canadians.”

That all sounds very nice, but those words ring hollow considering how the recent budget gutted the already underfunded Canadian military.

Trudeau’s budget 2017, “reallocated” spending on military equipment, and pushed it back until “sometime in the next 20 years.”

I wish I was making that up, but that is how the government described it. It means that money already allocated for equipment is taken out of the budget – a cut – and then promised sometime in the 2030’s (a meaningless talking point).

Cuts now are real. Promises to put the money back later are just words.

Make no mistake, the government has slashed funding for the our military – particularly the equipment needed by those who could be sent into harms way.

That is incredibly shameful.

The power to send people into a potential war-zone is among the most solemn responsibilities of any leader, and part of exercising that responsibility is giving those in uniform the best of the best when it comes to equipment and technology.

Instead, Trudeau is cutting equipment funding and planning to send troops into danger anyway.

Once again, Justin Trudeau shows himself to be unfit to lead our country.

Spencer Fernando