The Danger Of Sharia Law

We must not let those obsessed with political correctness hide the truth about Sharia Law

Sharia Law already exists in the West. The United Kingdom has it in some legal instances, and there are those advocating for it to come here to Canada as well.

Sharia Law is an oppressive system that goes against the individual liberty, equality of men and women, freedom of speech, and religious freedom that we cherish in Canada.


Consider the map below, and take note of how the more strongly Sharia Law is imposed, the worse the country would be for anyone who supported freedom and liberty:

Sharia Law World MapIt should be noted that the map above does not include countries (such as the United Kingdom), that have begun to allow Sharia Law while retaining other (currently) dominant legal systems.

It should be obvious to all that Sharia Law has no place in Canada or any free nation.

It must be noted that the clear majority of Canadian Muslims reject the strict interpretation of Sharia Law, and it must be pointed out that many people came to Canada from the Islamic world to escape Sharia Law. Rejecting the imposition of Sharia Law is important for protecting the freedoms of all Canadians, including Canadian Muslims.

More and more Canadians are making it clear that Sharia Law has no place here. A petition put forth by a Canadian Member of Parliament against Sharia Law in Canada has already been signed by over 30,000 people. Click the link below to add your name:

Sign the Petition Against Sharia Law In Canada

Spencer Fernando

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