LEGAL MARIJUANA: Report Says Trudeau Liberals To Legalize Pot By July 2018

It is being reported that the Trudeau government will soon announce that marijuana will be legal in Canada by July 1, 2018.

The pledge to legalize marijuana was one of the most controversial (but effective in winning some of the youth vote) policies of the campaign.

Implementation will fall to the provinces

The plan will reportedly put provinces in charge of how marijuana is sold, and will also decide the price. With provinces handling implementation of the policy, the federal government will oversee the safety of the marijuana supply and will control licensing of marijuana producers.

According to polls, legalizing marijuana is one of the few Trudeau policies that actually has support among Canadians – though that support is qualified. A 2016 Globe & Mail/Nanos Research Poll showed 68% of Canadians either “supported,” or “somewhat” supported marijuana legalization, with 30% either “opposed” or “somewhat opposed.”

Canadians concerned about increased drug use among children & young adults

While many Canadians may support the idea of legalizing marijuana, there are concerns about the policy possibly leading to a growth in drug use among young people. The Globe/Nanos poll showed 51% of Canadians are worried that legalization will increase marijuana use, while 45% do not share that concern.

Policy will favour big corporations and big government

The Liberal plan appears to be one that will favour powerful corporations and government over small businesses. There is no doubt that the marijuana market will become incredibly lucrative. However, by putting regulatory power in the hands of the federal government, combined with their ongoing crackdown on small marijuana dispensaries, the government seems to be following a path that will concentrate the windfall from legal marijuana in the hands of politicians and big business.

Just as bad, provinces like Ontario are already musing about using liquor stores to control marijuana sales. That is unfortunate. The last thing we need is more of a big government nanny-state telling us what to do, but politicians like Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne will never miss an opportunity to extract more in taxes and make government more powerful.

To that end, the Trudeau government will limit the number of personal pot plants to 4 per household – a policy which will favour large corporations and put more tax money in government hands.

Polls show Canadians oppose a government-controlled marijuana distribution system, with 44% saying they prefer dedicated marijuana dispensaries, 43% favouring pharmacies, and just 36% favouring government-regulated liquor stores.

Who can trust this promise?

Consider the fact that Trudeau has broken almost every promise he made. Even if he does soon announce the timeline for legal marijuana (an announcement is expected next month), why should anyone believe him? Only when the policy actually changes will there be any reason to think Trudeau is really planning to follow through.

Canada’s current marijuana policy is failing, but new policy must not make things worse

The drug war has been a total failure. In Canada, we’ve spent massive amounts of taxpayer money only to end up with the highest percentage of our youth using cannabis. Clearly, the current policy was not working.

Considering that our police and security forces have limited budgets, I would much rather see them spend their time and money going after terrorists and rapists, rather than going after marijuana users. And considering the horrendous and rising death toll of Fentanyl, more resources are need there as well.

Sending Canadians to jail for marijuana use makes no sense, and I’m wary of any big-government approach that takes away someone’s freedom because they use pot.

For those reasons, I think marijuana legalization could be a good idea – if handled correctly.

Unfortunately, I have zero trust that Justin Trudeau will handle it correctly, since he has failed at just about everything else.

The biggest concern is not under-regulation but over-regulation. The government is clearly going to ignore market forces and instead impose prices (at the provincial level). Politicians – always wanting more of our money – will set the price at a level that makes illegal producers and sellers a bargain compared to the government prices.

That will lead to the worst of both worlds: We will still have an illegal market – which is increasingly dangerous as marijuana is more powerful and laced with more other drugs than ever before. But we would also have government concentrating even more power and money in their hands.

Considering the obsession that Trudeau and politicians like Kathleen Wynne have with big-government, that worst-case scenario is very likely.

To prevent that, the government would need to dramatically toughen penalties on those who sell drugs (including marijuana) to children and keep prices low enough to increase the market share of the legal marijuana market vs illegal producers and sellers. But Trudeau is both weak on crime and ignorant of the market, so that kind of policy intelligence is unlikely from him.

That leaves many legitimate concerns – especially for parents – that the government will have to address. If they actually manage to pull off a half-decent marijuana policy, it would demonstrate a level of competence and wisdom we have so far not seen from the Trudeau government.

And however it turns out, Trudeau has still failed so miserably everywhere else that he needs to be decisively booted from office in 2019.

Deliberate leak

Something that will certainly be overlooked by the establishment media is the way the information on the upcoming policy change “got out” to the public. CBC was first to report on the Liberals bringing forward their marijuana legalization plan. Of course, CBC is a government-controlled broadcaster, so any leak is almost certainly deliberate.

With his poll numbers falling after a terrible budget and his forcing the dangerous M-103 motion against the opposition of Canadians, Trudeau desperately wants to change the channel. Talking about marijuana legalization is almost certainly a political ploy to try and distract us.

That’s why those of us opposed to Trudeau’s destructive agenda need to keep the focus on his lies and his disturbing agenda of weakening our country. Trudeau has been consistently supporting those forces that oppose our Canadian principles and values, and that must be relentlessly brought to light.

Trudeau may be trying to hide his failures in a cloud of marijuana smoke, but Canadians can still see right through it.

Spencer Fernando