CBC FAKE NEWS: “Non-Partisan” Network Uses Trudeau Video To Introduce New Series

The State Run Broadcaster Strikes Again

CBC is supposed to be a public service. We all pay for it through our taxes. That means the CBC is supposed to represent all Canadians.

Of course, CBC regularly puts forth a massively biased, pro-Trudeau agenda. The coverage is often fawning and weak, and seems less like the media and more like Trudeau’s own personal propaganda service.

You could even call it Fake News.

The latest example of this CBC Fake News is the preview of Canada: The Story of Us. You can view it in the tweet below:

Awful. So much for being “non-partisan.”

Considering the majority of Canadians don’t support Trudeau, it’s hard to imagine how CBC could rationally justify using him as the front-man for their upcoming documentary.

That’s certainly not what we pay taxes for.

Instead of finding one of the many amazing Canadians with real achievements who could bring our country together, they picked the incompetent and divisive Trudeau.

It was a terrible decision.

CBC putting Trudeau front and centre turns a preview for something that could be positive into a foolish propaganda piece. It shows that CBC is less interested in acting like a public service, and more interested in serving the agenda of the state. While there are exceptions once in a while when it comes to individual reporters, those exceptions are far too rare.

CBC pushes a politically correct, pro-big government agenda, while sucking up over $1 billion in taxpayers money. They also run private ads, so they are crushing media that isn’t government controlled.

They are the ultimate elitist organization, forcing people to fund them while pushing their out-of-touch worldview on the entire country.

Canadians deserve better from something that is supposed to serve all of us.

Enough of the CBC Fake News.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – screen grab & Twitter