FAKE NUMBERS: Trudeau Finance Minister Can’t Prove Budget Created Jobs

Finance Minister Bill Morneau used fake numbers to sell the 2016 budget

In 2016, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the budget would create 100,000 jobs. It was a bold comment, and served as part of the strategy to sell the budget to the Canadian people.

There’s only one problem: Bill Morneau has no evidence to back it up.

During an interview with Global News, Morneau was asked about the 100,000 jobs promise. Instead of giving a real answer, Morneau started spouting talking points about the unemployment rate and job creation (neglecting to mention the low quality of many of the jobs created).

Unfortunately for Morneau, he had to admit that those job numbers weren’t directly linked to the 2016 budget, and also said the weak 0.5% economic growth rate was below government estimates.

He was reduced to telling Global News that, “We’re starting to see some positive trends.”


According to Global, the Parliamentary Budget Officer was concerned about the promise that the budget would create 100,000 jobs, and said any sort of job creation claim should have been closer to 60,000. The 100,000 number came from the government, meaning it was a political talking point rather than anything based on facts.

Endless lies from the Trudeau government

At this point, everything that comes out of the mouth of Trudeau or his ministers seems to be a lie. Even when they don’t have to lie, they make stuff up anyway. It points to the growing contempt Trudeau and his elitist cabinet feels for the Canadian people. They don’t see us as “deserving” the truth, so they make up fake numbers instead.

Morneau’s willingness to lie so openly about the 2016 budget means any promises he made for the 2017 budget are garbage. There is no reason to trust him, and we can expect his lies to get even worse as evidence of the failure of Trudeau’s economic plan piles up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Moreau is so out of touch…after raising rates on transit, he was asked on a talk show , what the bus rates were..A blank look came over his smug face and he quickly changed the subject. You know they are not thinking for the betterment of Canadians. They are so in to themselves .

R Mutton

I feel that the whole Liberal cabinet does nothing but lie and that financial reports are the same. Trudeau, I believe is the court jester and hiis cabinet is just a bunch of clowns that know nothing about ruling our country. What s just the blind leading the blinder. All they are doing is dragging our country down lower and lower!