Maxime Bernier Would Consider Troops At The Border

Conservative Leadership rivals Bernier & O’Leary offer duelling border plans

Maxime Bernier says he would consider sending Canadian troops to the border in order to stop illegal crossings.

Bernier says his first strategy would be to increase the resources at the border to deal with the illegal crossings, but would deploy the military if that didn’t work.

After mentioning his plan to increase the number of RCMP and CBSA at the border, Bernier said “If it takes too long to put that additional manpower in place, I will look at additional temporary measures — including deploying Canadian Forces in troubled border areas.”

Kevin O’Leary wants to use notwithstanding clause to stop refugee claims

In an email, Kevin O’Leary says he would use the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Constitution to make sure individuals crossing illegally from the United States cannot claim refugee status.

Using the notwithstanding clause would allow the government to get around the rules that allow illegal migrants to make refugee claims by skipping around the regular border crossings.

Trudeau has done nothing

Both O’Leary and Bernier are offering practical solutions to a problem caused by Justin Trudeau’s unwillingness to defend the border. Trudeau fails to realize that Canada’s border and our laws must have meaning.

Instead of respecting our laws, Trudeau has told the world Canada is open to everyone, leading to a huge spike in illegal crossings.

That is unacceptable.

Bernier and O’Leary deserve credit for stepping up with ideas where Trudeau has offered nothing. Canada needs leaders who actually focus on protecting our country, not seeking worldwide accolades while leaving our country open & vulnerable.

Spencer Fernando

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karen Grant

DON’T vote for Michael Chong as the Conservative Party leader because he supported motion 103. I have heard that those pushing/supporting motion 103 are voting for him as leader of the Conservative Party because of this fact.

karen Grant

SAY NO shariah law in CANADA
Sign the petition against shariah law in CANADA.
Thousands of Canadians are signing petition e-909 on the government’s petitions website. It reads like a direct response to certain concerns about M-103, calling upon the government to propose an amendment to the Constitution Act “stating that Shariah Law or separate Shariah family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System
Please forward it to others and post on FB.

karen Grant

Motion 103 new group:

New organization, Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms, goes national in its efforts to hold the M-103 “Study Committee” to account. Their web site is here, consider joining:

karen Grant

Canada – Religion out of schools: Sign petition – hopefully the Peel District parents will win and this can become a movement across Canada.

Immediate discontinuation of religious congregation and faith clubs in PDSB (Peel District School Board, Ontario) public schools


Is it a real mystery who to vote for? The Liberals have shown how they do things time and time again. I have never voted for them. The Conservatives are fighting one another for “leadership”. To me the only ones are O’Leary or Bernier, but Bernier, unfortunately, is another Frenchie. Putting the military at the border is a good emergency measure but the root problem still exists. Highly paid government inaction by “border guards”. These guards are lending a hand to them to get them through the snow. Fine, but you never hear what happens after. Mr. O’Leary is the… Read more »