From “Roadkill” To “Spam” – Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr’s Page Disrespects & Deletes Legitimate Post

Apparently, posting a link to an article calling for help is “Spam” on the Veterans Affairs Minister’s Facebook page

I shouldn’t have to be the one telling the government this, but the Veterans Affairs Minister is supposed to serve Canadian Veterans.

They may be a member of a political party, they may be a member of cabinet, but their first duty in that role is to advocate for Veterans, not push the party line or block uncomfortable questions.

Unfortunately, the Veterans Affairs Minister and his office seems unable to do that.

The latest example of the failure to advocate for Canadian Veterans is the following incident that took place on Kent Hehr’s Facebook page:

From Roadkill To Spam - Veterans Affairs Minister's Page Disrespects & Deletes Legitimate Post

Community Guideline #4 is no spam.

That is terribly disrespectful towards Canada’s Veterans. There was absolutely zero justification for that post to be removed, and calling it “spam” is a disgrace.

To some people, this may seem like a minor interaction, and perhaps it would be, if it didn’t fit with the pattern of behavior exhibited by the Trudeau Government.

As Canadian Veteran and Star of Courage recipient Medric Cousineau (who deserves credit for the headline of this article) told me when I interviewed him, “We are an inconvenient nuisance to Kent Hehr. Now he won’t even talk to me, he got a photo-op so he’s good.” He also mentioned that Veterans “Were used as political pawns,” by Trudeau, and were “Treated like roadkill.”

Clearly, there is massive distrust among Veterans toward the Trudeau government, which stems from the broken promises and arrogantly dismissive attitude shown by the government.

So this deletion of a Facebook post – a totally legitimate Facebook post I might add – is not an isolated event.

It’s sickening when you think that those who risked their lives for Canada now get referred to as “Spam” when posting an article calling for help. Considering how difficult it is to actually get in touch with members of the government, Kent Hehr’s Facebook page serves as a way for Canada’s Veterans and their family members to reach him directly.

That means Hehr’s page is no longer just a personal Facebook page. He is in a position of public service, and his page is now the online equivalent of an office where Veterans can go and have their voices heard.

Imagine if a Veteran entered Hehr’s office to share a copy of a news story and was instead kicked out and blocked from sharing his message. There would be outrage. So why should it be acceptable for that to happen online?

Trudeau and Hehr are responsible for the attitude they create

In any organization, attitudes flow from the top. Whether Hehr or a staff member deleted the posts, Justin Trudeau’s government has created a culture of arrogance and disrespect towards Canada’s Veterans. That attitude is being shown in broken promises and disrespect towards those who served our country.

The deletion of a legitimate Facebook post, and the branding of that post as “Spam” is the latest in a sequence of incidents – both big and small – that shows our current federal government lacks respect for the bravest Canadians.

Canadians, and especially Canada’s Veterans, deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook Screenshot

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