Bailed-Out Bombardier Gave Executives Millions In Bonuses

Another example of the elite living large off of our money

From the outside looking in, it’s been a tough time for Bombardier lately. Unable to succeed in the competitive market, Bombardier was forced to beg for a taxpayer bailout and layoff thousands of workers.

Despite those struggles however, one group did very well at Bombardier: Their top executives.

According to the CP, combined compensation for Bombardier’s chairman and top five executives reached $32.6 million in 2016. In 2015, it was $21.9 million.

Their CEO made $9.5 million in 2016, and his bonus was nearly doubled – reaching $2.36 million.

Keep in mind, all of those numbers are in US Dollars, so it’s even more in Canadian dollars

It seems Bombardier’s execs weren’t keen on including their workers in the windfall: As the bonuses and compensation went up for the execs, Bombardier is continuing their plan of laying off 14,500 people by the end of 2018.

So, what did the “brilliant” execs do to earn such an amazing raise? They led the company to a loss of $5.34 billion in 2015, which “improved” to a loss of a mere $981 million in 2016.


In any rational world, these guys would be seen as total failures. If you run a business, and lose loads of money, and then only survive because you convince the government to take money from taxpayers and give it to your failing company, how the hell can you justify giving yourself a huge raise?

And yet, this is exactly what Bombardier did.

It’s this kind of garbage that is turning more and more people against the elites. And it’s no surprise that Bombardier found fellow elitist Justin Trudeau more than willing to give them a $372.5 million loan (paid for by taxpayers), without him even demanding any firings.

Why didn’t Trudeau demand massive executive salary cuts in return for government help? Or better yet, why didn’t he demand that the company clean house at the top to get rid of the people who led Bombardier into the mess they were in? Or better still, why didn’t Bombardier succeed on their own merits in the free market?

It makes no sense to give nearly $400 million dollars to people who decide to gift themselves massive bonuses even as they fail miserably in the market.

One set of rules for the elites, another for the rest of us

Once again, we see that the elites get to live by different rules than everybody else. We have to succeed or fail on our own merits, and we don’t just get to give ourselves massive bonuses or call up our buddy in the Prime Minister’s Office to score some cash.

We have to work hard, struggle, and fight for everything we have. And even when we do succeed, a bunch of our money gets taken anyway.

This immense hypocrisy is wrecking our economy and our society from the inside out. And it’s so rarely pointed out by the establishment media that it often remains hidden under the surface.

That means it’s up to us to inform as many people as possible – especially when the elites act in such a contemptuous and arrogant way.

At the end of the day, the true power still rests with those who do the work and pay the taxes that keep our country functioning. The more Canadians who wake up to that fact, the sooner we can defeat the elites and put the Canadian people back in charge.

Spencer Fernando