DISTURBING: Trudeau Airport Employees May Have Been Radicalized By ISIS

A disturbing report by the TVA channel’s investigative group has revealed possible ISIS inspired radicalization at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport.

The report states that four employees at the airport had reduced security clearance after growing concern of radicalization.

The employees in question reportedly visited ISIS websites, including researching documents on how to utilize weapons and make explosives.

Of particular concern is that one of the employees had clearance to be on the airport tarmac.

Despite the fact that police reportedly consider three of the employees to be “worrisome,” two of the four in question still work at the airport.

The two others have lost their security clearance entirely.

Speaking to media, Benjamin Ducol – the research manager for Montreal’s anti-radicalization efforts, said he has been working with the airport. “We have been in contact with the airport to train the organization to be better-equipped to face radicalization situations,” said Ducol. “We make sure that they deal with the radicalization situation, not just from a security point of view. They also have to look at it from a long-term perspective and be able to recognize in their employees when they are being drawn into radicalization and how to address it.”

When it comes to ongoing investigations, security expert Claude Sarrazin said “The question is going to be, how did they get hired in the first place? Did they get radicalized before employment or during employment, which changes the purview of the investigation.”

Tough conversation needed

Despite the prevailing political correctness that attempts to muddle the issue, the revelation of possible radicalization of airport employees raises serious concerns. Clearly, Canada is not immune from the threat of ISIS, and we need to be able to examine this threat truthfully and honestly.

There is an issue in Canada with radical Islamism, and pretending it doesn’t exist won’t make it go away.

It’s time for the son of the man the Montreal airport is named after to wake up to reality, and stop burying his head in the sand. If he doesn’t, all Canadians could be at increased risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Fred