The Global Elites Fear Confident Citizens

Many people wonder why the global elites want us to become a “post-national state,” devoid of a common national identity and shared values.

It often seems surprising. After all, you would think leaders would want their people to take pride in the achievements of their country, and stand up for their nation.

And yet, they promote just the opposite.

While there are many reasons for this denigration of the nation, one of the overlooked reasons is the underlying desire the elites have for total control.

The elites main political goal is to centralize more and more power and authority in their hands. However, people only surrender power when they feel somehow guilty or are convinced they are powerless. That guilt and powerlessness is what the elites use to create a sense of dependency, which leads them to ask for – and often receive – more power.

That’s why we see efforts to denigrate the history of our country, focusing almost exclusively on the negative, while ignoring or suppressing the positive. Instead of a balanced view of history that incorporates amazing achievements, a one sided version is pushed where the history of our country – and the entire Western world – is seen as a giant crime.

This creates the guilt.

Then, the elites need to create a sense of powerlessness.

That’s where identity politics comes in.

Identity politics destroys the idea of individuality, and reduces people to their base characteristics. Under the dominance of identity politics, every minority, every women, every person of a particular faith, is expected to stop thinking of themselves as a unique individual who is responsible for their own actions and choices, and instead start thinking of themselves as nothing more than a part of the “collective,” – blaming everything on “the legacy of history.” 

It’s no coincidence that those pushing identity politics are the same people who pushed for communism and socialism in the past. They will latch onto any ideology that prevents them from being held accountable as individuals.

Identity politics serves the global elites perfectly. It divides countries up into warring factions, trapped by past grievances rather than looking to a shared future.

Individuality is suppressed, making people less likely to confront the government or speak their mind. Uniqueness, freethinking, and challenges to the status quo get lost in the endless battle over “privilege,” “micro-aggression’s,” “safe spaces,” and all the other politically correct BS.

As a result, those in power remain unquestioned and unchallenged. All they have to do is sing from the politically correct songbook and their level of status remains safe.

Fear of confident citizens

Confident citizens are not as susceptible to guilt and feeling powerless, which is why the elite fear them.

People who feel a sense of pride and responsibility for their country will not let any politician push them around. They will not remain silent about those who seek to take their nation down a dangerous path. They will speak out, they will ask questions, and they will challenge those in power.

Confident citizens may not be politically correct, but that’s the entire point. Political correctness always serves the existing power structure, and when that structure is challenged, the first thing the elites will do is try to demonize and de-legitimize the speech and opinions of those challenging the system.

The elites fear confident citizens because national pride combines a respect for individuality and the unity of a shared identity. We can each strive for the safety and prosperity of our country, while living our lives in different ways, recognizing each others uniqueness and our similarities as fellow Canadians.

But that’s not what the elites want. They want us divided by toxic identity politics, and they want to eliminate the source of pride that a nation can provide.

So, the next time you hear a politician talk about “thinking globally,” or attacking nationalism as something negative, keep in mind their true motives. If we are to have a secure and prosperous future, it will be created by confident citizens, not global elites.

Spencer Fernando