India Sealing Borders With Pakistan & Bangladesh To Stop Terrorism & Illegal Immigration

While the proposed US border wall with Mexico gets most of the attention, it turns out an even bigger project is being planned in India.

The Indian government has announced a plan to seal their borders with both Pakistan and Bangladesh. The total length of India’s combined borders with those two countries is double that of the US-Mexico border.

Terrorism and illegal immigration are the key factors motivating India to seal their borders with the two nations.

90% of the border is already covered by some sort of fencing or barrier, and the government is now moving to seal the remaining 10%, which represents the most difficult terrain.

Rajnath Singh – India’s Home Minister – spoke of the need to secure the borders:

“We have decided to seal the border between India and Bangladesh as quickly as possible. I know that some obstacles may arise in this work, as some areas are mountainous, some have jungles, and others have rivers. We will also work as quickly as possible to seal the border between India and Pakistan.”

Where is the international outrage?

Whenever anyone in a Western country talks about closing or securing their borders, cries of “racism,” “bigotry,” and “xenophobia” are sure to follow. But when borders are shut anywhere else in the world, nothing but crickets…

I’m not saying India should be condemned for securing their borders. Just the opposite, their government deserves credit for taking action to keep their citizens safe. But western countries should get that same credit when they secure their borders, instead of the hypocritical attacks that we see all too often.

The hypocrisy goes even further. The elites often attack patriotic citizens who want their borders secured, despite the fact that many of the elites live in gated (walled) communities with tremendous security and protection. They never suffer from the consequences of open borders, but they expect everyone else to pay the price.

Governments have a duty to keep citizens safe

The government of India is doing what they should be doing – keeping their people safe. It’s time those in power in the west figured out how important that is, and started prioritizing the security and safety of our citizens, rather than spewing out more politically correct lectures.

Spencer Fernando

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