TWILIGHT ZONE: Kent Hehr’s Page Deletes Post Criticizing His Page For Deleting Post

Really Kent?

The day before publishing this story, I wrote about how Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr’s Facebook page disrespectfully deleted a Veteran’s post for supposedly “violating” Kent Hehr’s community guideline #4 – No Spam.

Of course, the post in question was just a link to an article saying veterans were asking for help. Apparently, Hehr and his staff see that as “spam” worthy of deletion.

Here is the original screenshot:

Veterans Affairs Minister's Page Disrespects & Deletes Legitimate Post

So, I wrote the story – pointing out that the Veterans Affairs Minister is supposed to serving Veterans, not deleting their posts and calling them “spam.”

Then, Medric Cousineau, a Canadian Veteran and Winner of The Star of Courage who I interviewed previously – posted the story on Kent Hehr’s wall.

This is what happened next:

Kent Hehr – or his staff – got rid of Medric Cousineau’s post.

It’s like the twilight zone in its absurdity: The response to criticism for deleting posts from Veterans and calling them spam, is to delete a post by a Veteran about that criticism and call them spam again.

Deeper and deeper into the disrespect and hypocrisy…

I won’t go into everything I mentioned in the last story, since my thoughts were made clear there. It’s enough to say that the treatment of Veterans by the Trudeau government – and the way their voices are silenced on the Facebook page of a man who should be supporting them – is a total disgrace.

If Kent Hehr is afraid of being criticized by Veterans, he should resign his cabinet position – and the big salary that goes along with it.

What he doesn’t seem to realize is that if he was willing to take some criticism and actually listen – no matter how tough the conversations are – he would win some respect.

Nobody is expecting Kent Hehr to fix everything right away, but they do expect him to advocate and fight for Veterans – even if that means confronting his government once in a while.

After all, Kent Hehr is not supposed to be pressuring Veterans on behalf of the government, he is supposed to be pressuring the government on behalf of Veterans.

Instead, he just repeats the same-old Trudeau talking points, which makes him a government spokesman, not a servant of Veterans.

A massive irony here is that without the Veterans who fought and sacrificed for our freedom, there wouldn’t even be a Canadian government, and there certainly wouldn’t be Facebook or any concept of free speech. Hehr should show some respect for that truth and let those who served our country share their thoughts freely on his page.

It’s time for him to start doing the right thing.

Let’s see what happens if someone posts this article on Hehr’s wall. If he keeps deleting, I’ll keep writing.

Spencer Fernando