WASTE: Parliament Spending To Rise $100 Million Under Trudeau This Year

Record amount of money going to House of Commons & Senate

As Canadians continue to struggle to make ends meet, it seems the money taps are flowing freely in Ottawa.

The bastion of elitism is swimming in cash under the Trudeau government, with a budget increase of $100 million this year alone according to the Hill Times.

And before anyone says the increase is due to more members in the House of Commons and Senate, that $100 million increase is on top of the costs associated with the expansion last fiscal year.

To put the cost increase in perspective, the spending is up a full 5% in just one year – far exceeding the rate of inflation.

Trudeau’s Ottawa: “Money for me, but not for thee”

Spending in the Senate is up $13 million, representing an increase of more than 10%. The increase comes from increased office and “research” funding, along with expanded travel expenses, bigger pensions, and more generous employee benefit plans.

I’m sure most Canadians would like some of those perks, but in Trudeau’s Ottawa only those at the top benefit.

This is elitism at its worst.

Canadians are expected to pay more fees and taxes, emptying our wallets of our hard-earned money. Meanwhile, those in Ottawa who already have cushy benefits and salaries most Canadians can only dream of get even more money shovelled their way. And the worst part is that the money going to the elites was created by regular working Canadians in the first place.

What a waste.

Those in power always ask everyone else to sacrifice, while they gorge themselves on benefits we pay for. Under Trudeau, those in power are reaching new levels of contempt for taxpayers. At the next election, Canadians must ensure that there is a clear price to pay for this arrogance, waste, and elitism.

Spencer Fernando