China Hacked Canada’s National Research Council

But Trudeau is still going ahead with dangerous sale of high-tech firm to the authoritarian state

The Globe and Mail is reporting that China launched a cyber-attack on the Canadian National Research Council. News of the hack – which reportedly occurred in 2014 – is being reported now due to documents obtained through Access-To-Information.

The hack reportedly cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to a government report, “Canada’s National Research Council was a victim of Chinese computer network exploitation activities (CNE). Damage was in the 100s of millions of dollars.”

Multiple departments were reportedly compromised by the hack.

This fits a long-term pattern of other countries, even breaching into networks of companies working closely with the Pentagon. In fact, China’s new J-20 stealth fighter is believed by many to have been based on stolen US plans.

Revelation of hack shows the danger in Trudeau letting China buy ITF Technologies

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau is letting China take over Montreal-based ITF Technologies, a company that develops advanced lasers and has worked closely with the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Trudeau approved the sale despite the fact that it was rejected by the previous government and experts from both CSIS and National Defence warned against it.

As a quick reminder, here is what the experts said about China getting control of ITF Technologies: “If the technology is transferred, China would be able to domestically produce advanced military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would otherwise be the case, which diminishes Canadian and allied military advantages.”

Just as disturbing is this: Trudeau would have known about the hack while reviewing China’s takeover of ITF Technologies. After all, the documents obtained by the Globe & Mail were government documents. This means Trudeau is willing to let a highly sensitive company be taken over by a nation that hacked our country, even when the experts warned against it.

Who does Trudeau really serve?

As more and more incidents add up of Trudeau acting in ways contrary to the Canadian national interest, we have to ask ourselves: Who does Trudeau really serve?

It sure doesn’t seem to be the Canadian people, as he sells us out at every opportunity.

And yet, Trudeau is always willing to support foreign countries and his fellow elitists.

Something is certainly going on beneath the surface, something that’s not good for Canada. Our government is empowering those who would consider doing us harm, while distancing us from the values and principles upon which our country is built. No amount of government propaganda or media spin can hide that any longer.

Spencer Fernando