ELITIST LACKEY: Trudeau Defends Bailing Out His Greedy Bombardier Buddies

As outrage rises over the revelation that Bombardier gave its top executives millions in bonuses even as they grovelled for taxpayer bailouts, Justin Trudeau is defending his decision to bail out his Bombardier buddies.

At an event in Ontario, Trudeau tried responding to the Bombardier bonuses in light of his decision to give them $372.5 million of your money.

“We respect the free market and the choices that companies will make,” said Trudeau. “But we also have a responsibility to ensure that the investments we make with taxpayers’ dollars are leading to good jobs and growth.”


First of all, respecting the free market would mean Bombardier would succeed or fail without a taxpayer bailout.

Second, if Trudeau’s concern is really “jobs and growth,” why did he give money to a company that’s planning to fire 14,500 people by the end of 2018?

What Trudeau is really saying is that Bombardier executives get free market choice when they pay themselves massive bonuses, but Canadian taxpayers aren’t free to stop our money from bailing out Bombardier.

It’s socialism for the rich.

Of course, I’m sure this has nothing at all to do with Patrick Pichette – a board member at Bombardier – also serving as a director of the Trudeau foundation.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence…

With his pathetically weak response to Bombardier’s arrogant bonuses, Trudeau spits in the face of Canadian taxpayers and reveals himself as an elitist lackey. He’s not here to help Canadians, or the “middle class” he inserts into every speech. He’s here to help those who are already powerful.

Once again, regular Canadians are left out in Trudeau’s Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Jean Paul

Part of our personal taxes goes to pay millionaires of Bombardier, not acceptable!, Trudeau has lost the credibility to represent Canadian Interest!

S. Baum

Curious, were you leaving footnote #’s *1 & *2 with respect to where you got your information? (e.g. Patrick Pichette – a board member at Bombardier – also serving as a director of the Trudeau foundation.) This sounds to me to be a major conflict of interest, that someone should be looking into? Don’t you agree? So why is no one picking up on this and investigating?

tim pedden

Trudeau – the most pathetic liar in Canadian history . He is only back tracking because he got caught with his back stabbing .he is nothing but a global elitist selling out Canada to his cult. He cannot buy all the news company’s like the corrupt broadcasting Corp. Investigate trudeau’s so called foundation and I bet you will find lots of swamp rats.