EVIL EXECUTION: ISIS Members Throw Gay Man Off Building & Hit Him With Rocks

If anyone doubts the true evil behind Islamic State – and considering the growth of political correctness there are many who do – a horrific incident first reported by The Sun which shows a man being thrown off a building by ISIS terrorists just because he was gay – should silence any and all doubt.

Photos show the man being held on a roof in Mosul Iraq, before being thrown off and killed. Tragically, as his body is on the ground, onlookers throw rocks at his corpse.

Warning: Graphic images below of the evil execution

Onlookers gather, ready to throw rocks at the man.


ISIS killers prepare to throw the innocent man off the building


Evil onlookers throw rocks at the man’s corpse

This is not a distant problem

It’s easy to look at this as a distant problem halfway across the world, but it’s a threat we face here at home.

Remember, four employees at the Trudeau airport face investigation for being radicalized by ISIS, which included visiting ISIS websites. That means those individuals – two of whom still work at the airport – support the actions of ISIS – including the horrific killing of a gay man pictured above.

It is essential that we do not overlook this. Much of the media discussion has inexplicably centered on how to “integrate” ISIS supporters, not realizing the depths of evil inherent in the actions and ideology of ISIS.

Let’s get real here: People who enslave women and throw gay people off buildings are not people who can be “integrated” with Western Society. If someone leaves this country to fight ISIS, it is absolute insanity to let them back into the country.

Additionally, it is absurd that two of the pro-ISIS airport workers are still employed there.

This country needs to toughen up and smarten up big time.

ISIS is evil and filled with nothing but hate. It is a threat around the world, and here in Canada. Complacency is something we cannot afford.

Spencer Fernando

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