The Ignorant Elites Must Stop Looking Down On Blue-Collar Workers

Our way of life would not exist without those willing to do the difficult jobs

One of the concerning trends in Canada and much of the Western world is the growing contempt the elites show for the livelihoods of blue-collar workers.

Despite piles of evidence, the arrogant elites don’t realize that their cushy lifestyle is only possible because of those who keep the backbone of our entire civilization alive.

The elites sickening anti-oil hypocrisy

Consider the attitude the elites show to the oil industry. From the “keep it in the ground” crowd, to those who want to destroy thousands of jobs by shifting to “green” energy despite the massive economic damage it is causing, the elites show a shocking level of ignorance of how our world works.

Sitting in their sleek and cushy offices, the elites are surrounded by plastic furniture, plastic computers, metal that had to be mined, processed, and assembled, and countless other products that make our economy and society function.

The elites don’t see the hard work of all the blue-collar workers who make it all possible, and they seem to have forgotten that our economy doesn’t work by magic.

Computers don’t magically transport themselves to our offices. The elites private jets don’t magically fuel themselves. Cars, trucks, trains, and ships don’t get constructed and powered through some unknown arcane method.

Every step of the way, people have to do work that is often dirty, dangerous, and incredibly difficult, all so the elites can live in safety and comfort.

And how do the elites reward that work?

They hike taxes, take people’s money, and pass laws and regulations that decimate entire industries and destroy people’s ability to earn a living.

If the elites can’t accept reality, they must be replaced

The elites seem intent on pursuing policies that will impoverish working Canadians, and they somehow disguise their destructive policies as a virtue. The elites punish the very people who make our standard of living possible, and then play the victim when people justifiably rise up against them.

This massive disconnect shows no signs of changing, and under “leaders” like Justin Trudeau it’s getting even worse.

That’s why power must be returned to the Canadian people. We need leaders who will let people keep more of their hard-earned money, and actually help support the workers who keep our country alive.

We must remember and act upon a simple truth: Canada could not survive without blue-collar workers, but we could thrive without the elites in power.

Spencer Fernando