WYNNE LOSING: Ontario Liberals Face Historic Defeat

Liberals would lose official party status if an election were held today

The incredible opposition to Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals has them facing a historic defeat.

According to a new Forum Research poll, the PCs have a substantial lead in the province, with the NDP in second and the Liberals third.

Here are the results:

  • PC – 43%
  • NDP – 28%
  • Liberals – 19%
  • Green – 8%

To put these numbers in perspective, the Liberals are closer to the Green Party than they are the PCs.

Even in Toronto – a stronghold for the Liberals – Kathleen Wynne’s party is at only 19%.

Liberals would win only 11 seats

According to seat projections by Forum, the PCs would win 86 seats (a massive majority), the NDP would get 29, and the Liberals would win only 7 seats. That would put them below the threshold needed for official party status.

Driving these numbers is the near-universal antipathy to Kathleen Wynne. Only 12% of Ontarians approve of her, while a whopping 79% disapprove. PC Leader Patrick Brown has a more even split, with 27% approving and 29% disapproving (44% say they don’t know). NDP Leader Andrea Howarth has the best rating, with 36% approving of her, along with 30% disapproving.

Ontario Liberals face decimation

Politics is unpredictable, so it is impossible to say for certain Kathleen Wynne will be defeated. However, the latest polls – and her massive disapproval rating – point to an electorate that has decided “enough is enough.”

The unethical, dishonest, and wallet-thieving approach of Wynne and the Ontario Liberals is being rejected by Ontarians, and after so long in power, it seems no amount of desperate spin can hide the truth.

Ontario provides a national warning

In Ontario we see a government obsessed with high-taxes, disastrous energy policy, exploding debt, and out of control spending, not to mention lacking ethics. That’s the same approach we are seeing in Ottawa under Justin Trudeau.

Let’s learn from Ontario before it’s too late and make sure Trudeau is one-and-done when 2019 rolls around.

Read the full Forum Research Poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter