China Bans ‘Abnormal’ Beards & Burqas – Where is Trudeau’s Condemnation?

Justin Trudeau may face a conflict between two of his most hypocritical stances.

One the one hand, Trudeau has been disturbingly supportive of China’s communist government, even saying he admired their “basic dictatorship.”

On the other hand, he is shockingly naive about the threat of Islamist terrorism, refusing to acknowledge it while spending his time attacking anyone who brings up legitimate concerns as somehow “Islamophobic.”

That leads to an interesting dilemma for Trudeau:

China has just banned burqas, as well as beards that are considered ‘abnormal,’ in the heavily Muslim province of Xinjiang.

China says the measures are necessary as part of a crackdown on extremism. Xinjiang – which borders Pakistan – has seen a large rise in violent attacks on security officers and government facilities.

In addition to the burqa and beard ban, the new policies also force people to listen to state radio and watch state propaganda TV. (I bet CBC would love that policy)

The measures also reportedly ban the “naming of children to exaggerate religious fervour,” and “using the name of Halal to meddle in the secular life of others.”

When will Trudeau call China “Islamophobic?”

Why hasn’t Trudeau condemned China yet? What is he waiting for?

This is a real dilemma for Justin Trudeau:

Will he repeat his praise of “China’s basic dictatorship that gets stuff done,” or will he accuse China of being “Islamophobic?”

My guess is he won’t even realize the absurdity of the situation, and will just ignore the issue entirely.

Once again we will see the terrible double-standard that Trudeau likes to push on Canadians: When our citizens talk about confronting extremism, securing our borders, and protecting our country, we get called “Islamophobes” and “bigots.” When any other country does it, they get a free pass.

In Justin Trudeau’s mind, Canadians seem to be the only people in the world who aren’t allowed to stand up for ourselves.

Spencer Fernando