Democracy Is Dead In Socialist Venezuela

For years, the frayed remnants of Venezuela’s democracy have been slowly withering away. Now, nothing is left.

The only check on the power of socialist President (Dictator) Nicholas Maduro (a big friend of Trudeau’s buddies in Cuba) was the Venezuelan Legislature. Opposition members had won two-thirds of the seats, which in theory should have given them tremendous influence over the country.

However, Maduro had ignored the opposition legislature, governing by fiat and continuing to impose his disastrous socialist policies on the country.

In practice, the Venezuelan Legislature was already nearly powerless. A recent Supreme Court ruling made it official.

Stacked with allies of Maduro, the Supreme Court eviscerated the legislature, seizing all legislative powers and transferring them to the Court.

The move effectively strips the Legislature of all authority, leaving the government entirely in the hands of Maduro and his fellow socialist incompetents.

Political freedom cannot exist without economic freedom

More economic freedom does not always lead to more political freedom (China is a perfect example of that). But without at least substantial economic freedom, political freedom is impossible.

It is no coincidence that the freest nations on Earth are capitalist democracies. To rob people of their ability to make their own financial choices is to rob them of their ability to think freely and plan their own future.

Money provides the freedom to travel, to invest, to change the circumstances of our lives. When the government takes all the money for itself, it takes all the freedom away as well.

That’s what is happening in Venezuela. By destroying the free market and plundering all wealth for itself, the socialist Venezuelan state has led their nation down the path of collapse.

As the people rise up against the destruction of their livelihoods and their country, the government resorts to using force and violence to stay in power. Therefore, economic oppression becomes political oppression. The loss of economic freedom leads to the loss of political freedom.

Socialist Maduro shreds Venezuela's Constitution
An artist depicts Venezuelan Socialist President Nicholas Maduro shredding Venezuela’s Constitution.

Despite having gigantic oil reserves, Venezuela is suffering from rampant inflation, and shortages of almost every necessity, including food, toilet paper, and medicine.

That’s the kind of economic destruction only a socialist can achieve.

Let Venezuela serve as a warning for all who think concentrating more money and power in the hands of government is somehow the answer. In an increasingly complex world, decentralized systems that empower individuals are the path to prosperity. Higher taxes, more regulations, and centralization are the path to ruin.

Spencer Fernando