Patriotism Is The Cure For Toxic Identity Politics

The rise of identity politics is one of the most disturbing trends in Western society, and it has the potential to tear our country apart.

Based on the idea that individuals should be reduced to nothing but their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender, identity politics is one of the most ironic inversions in history: Those who push identity politics are repeating the worst historical mistakes of prejudice – all the while thinking they are fighting injustice.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging.

We can see the consequences of identity politics all around us:

Look at the environment on many college campuses, where free speech and free thought is being suppressed by shrieking lunatics masquerading as scholars.

Look at the rise of the new “thought police,” watching every comment and gesture for even the slightest sign of deviating from the politically correct consensus.

Look at the lack of patriotism shown by our current national leaders. Our Prime Minister wants us to be a “Post-National State,” devoid of any national identity at all, and his government seems content to sell out our country to foreign nations, all while making a mockery of citizenship, leaving our border totally unprotected, and refusing to strengthen our national defence.

Instead of fostering a shared identity as Canadians, or recognizing the unique worth of every individual, those in power play the game of identity politics, pandering to groups based on nothing more than stereotypes of ethnicity and history.

Identity politics is deeply irrational

Many of those who push identity politics consider themselves to be the greatest defenders of science. And yet, identity politics is deeply anti-scientific and irrational.

Identity politics usually leads to silencing people who aren’t considered “victims,” leaving a “safe space” for only a select few. The idea seems to be that being a part of a certain ethnicity or gender gives someone a magical power of perception unavailable to others.

That is simply false.

All of us have the capacity to learn new concepts, grow in our understanding, and both be shaped, and shape the world around us. Those capacities are not limited to people of any background, and they certainly do not become enhanced because someone is a “victim.”

Identity politics destroys individuality

As a mixed-race person, I’ve always defined myself by my actions and choices in life, rather than my ethnic background. I see no reason why my background should mean anything at all, either positive or negative. Unfortunately, the identity politics movement would reduce me – and everyone else – to the circumstances of our births, destroying the idea of individuality and replacing it with a disturbing collectivist mindset.

Embracing the uniqueness of individuals – and our right to be defined by our own decisions and choices – is the path to a better future.

That’s not how the identity politics movement sees it.

While those who push identity politics think of themselves as “progressive,” and “modern,” they remain deeply stuck in the past – fighting over old grievances instead of looking towards the future.

Identity politics is a guilt-based movement. It asks people to somehow take responsibility for the actions of their ancestors, even though those of us alive today had nothing to do with it. Identity politics turns people against each other and drives us all apart, leading to a breakdown in society and a more angry, divisive, and dangerous world.

Patriotism – the alternative to identity politics

The cure for identity politics is patriotism, a shared sense of pride in the culture and values of our nation. In Canada, that means taking pride in our kindness and our welcoming attitude, while also being clear that our welcome does not extend to those who want to remake our nation in the image of dysfunctional parts of the world.

It means celebrating our military history as we helped liberate millions from tyranny.

It means standing firmly in defence of free speech, the equality of men and women, freedom of religion, and the democratic principles that have made our country the envy of so many others.

And it means embracing our shared identity as Canadians, rather than seeking to split everyone up by their ethnicity, gender, and whatever other ways the identity politics pushers find to divide us.

There is no contradiction between patriotism and individuality, in fact, the two are closely linked in Canada. It is only because of our willingness to stand up for freedom and liberty that our country makes it possible for people to be individualistic and freely express themselves. If we lose our sense of pride in Canada and our national values, we will lose our individuality as well.

The dangerous identity politics movement is doing everything it can to tear our country and society apart. That’s why it’s time for a resurgence of patriotism and love for our country. That is the only way we can protect all that we have built.

Spencer Fernando

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Yvette Loke

Spencer, thank you so much for these articles. You write with an unbiased clarity that is sorely needed in these uncertain and frightening times.


Well said Yvette


“guilt based movement…”..thanks for this article. Well said. I never, nor don’t, understand the human cravings that created this twisted logic, and even though it makes good rethoric and looks good on paper, the core intentions and ultimate outcome, which is based on our weakest and most neurotic impulses, will only end in destruction at some level.

Rick Churchill

Western “democracies” have been plotting their own downfall for decades. Government, the education system, the mainstream media, have all indoctrinated the population into believing the Leftist (Liberal) Lies. Under the guise of “inclusiveness” they have convinced us to give up our own identity in an effort to be “accepting” of all others. As such, Patriotism has been linked to racism and bigotry in order to silence any criticism.


If you read the documents on George Soros you will get an idea of what’s happening.. very scary…