WEAK: Trudeau Refusing To Increase Military Spending

In the wake of a budget that gutted Canada’s Military, Justin Trudeau is refusing to increase funding for our men and women in uniform.

In 2014, all NATO members – including Canada – pledged to increase military spending to 2% of GDP by 2024.

However, rather than make any progress towards that goal, Canada has regressed, with only 1% of GDP going to the military. Even worse, Trudeau is cutting $8.4 billion from the military, even as he considers future peacekeeping deployments in Africa.

And when asked about Canada’s commitment to military spending, Trudeau gave a typical non-answer: “We understand there are different metrics in terms of evaluating how people are pulling their weight and contributing fully to NATO.”


Trudeau has money for other countries, but weakens our national defence.

Justin Trudeau has managed to find billions more for foreign aid, but is incapable of strengthening our defences. This is globalist ideology at work: The government extracts taxes from the hard work of Canada’s people, and then gives it away to other countries, while our own country is put at risk from an increasingly underfunded military.

In essence, Trudeau is content outsourcing our national defence to the United States. With China growing more aggressive in the South China Sea – and soon the pacific ocean, with increasing tensions and competition over the resource rich north, and the ever-rising threat of terrorism and instability – now is not the time for Canada to be weak. We need a larger and more well-equipped military to defend our country, yet Trudeau does just the opposite.

This means Canada is now counting on the United States to bear the cost of our defence in addition to their own. However, the Trump Administration seems unlikely to let that slide.

At some point, this issue will have to be resolved. The only fair resolution is the one that strengthens our national independence and security and respects our closest ally: A re-investment in our military.

Clearly, that won’t happen until Trudeau is out of office.

Spencer Fernando