CORRUPTION? Former Liberal MP & Current Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Being Investigated By Police

Denis Coderre, the Mayor of Montreal and a former Liberal MP, is being investigated by the Montreal Police over a $25,000 cheque he received while he was a Member of the House of Commons.

In 2012, Coderre was given the money by a businessman from Laval. The issue for Coderre is that the Conflict-Of-Interest Code required any gift over $500 to be declared. Of course Coderre’s gift was a tad over the limit ($24,500 over to be exact).

Coderre is trying to muddy the waters by saying the contribution was actually meant to help him cover the costs of legal fights. According to the Montreal Gazette, “… Coderre said because it was given by a long-time friend to help cover the costs of his private legal battles with a former National Hockey League player over alleged anti-French slurs, he felt the money constituted a ‘contribution’ to his battle to protect the French language, as opposed to a donation.”

Coderre says he thought it was a personal issue and didn’t need to be declared under the rules.

The opposition Montreal municipal organization Projet Montreal says Coderre needed to declare it, and they are demanding he hand over all documentation related to the issue.

Coderre had previously denied that there was any cheque at all. Then, reporters showed Coderre that they had copies of proving the cheque existed. Coderre blamed his initial denial on medication he was taking for an inflamed prostate.


The UPAC Quebec Anti-Corruption Squad and the RCMP are both looking into the cheque.

While Coderre doesn’t serve in the Trudeau government, his apparent deception regarding the cheque, and the fact that he accepted $25,000 cheques at all while in public office, seems reminiscent of how the federal government conducts business.

It’s yet another reminder that the elites think they can live outside the rules they impose on the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

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