GUTLESS: Trudeau Still Refuses To Denounce Bombardier Execs

Justin Trudeau has had many opportunities to denounce Bombardier’s Executives for giving themselves millions in raises even as the company begged for our money.

Today, he missed yet another opportunity to stand up for taxpayers, and even worse, he gave political cover to Bombardier.

Rage has risen throughout the country as word spread of Bombardier’s senior execs giving themselves over $10 million worth of bonuses. But instead of standing on the side of Canadians, Trudeau said “We respect the free market and the choices that companies will make.”

It takes a unique level of stupidity to call Bombardier surviving because of a bailout and then giving their execs bonuses a “free market choice,” but those kind of comments are par for the course from Trudeau.

What’s worse is that he has acted like a gutless coward, refusing to hold Bombardier accountable for their betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau rolls over again for his elitist Bombardier Buddies

Today, when given another chance to denounce Bombardier, Trudeau rolled over like the elitist lapdog that he is.

All he could muster up was that he was, “obviously not pleased” with the Bombardier bonuses, “but we are happy to see it make decisions that are fixing that for Quebecers’ and Canadians’ confidence.”


“Obviously not pleased,” is about the weakest possible response, and he undid even that by saying he’s “happy,” with decisions to “fix that…”


Bombardier hasn’t fixed anything. The best they could do was “defer” half the bonuses until 2020.

So, they’re still keeping some of the extra money – which only exists because us taxpayers bailed them out.

Then, they’re taking the rest of it later on anyway.

And Trudeau thinks we taxpayers are supposed to be happy about this?

Think again.

We all know Bombardier only did anything because the public was turning against them. Had there been no public outrage, they would have pocketed the bonuses without a moments hesitation.

Trudeau’s weakness will hurt Canadian taxpayers

With his weak response, Trudeau has sent a clear message that companies can rip off Canadians, enrich themselves at our expense, and get a free pass from the national government. This will only embolden more arrogance from the elites – as if they weren’t arrogant enough already – and Canadian taxpayers will get screwed even worse.

Thanks for nothing Justin.

Spencer Fernando