POWER HUNGRY: Trudeau Liberals Shut Down Meeting As Opposition Fights Dangerous Changes

The government is attempting to block all dissent to their anti-democratic agenda

The Trudeau Liberals continue to show contempt for democracy and the elected Members of Parliament in the opposition parties.

Most recently, they showed that contempt by shutting down a Procedures Committee Meeting.

That may sound like pretty boring and inconsequential stuff, but it matters because of what the Procedures Committee has been doing. Conservative and NDP members have been working together to filibuster (talking to take up time and slow things down), in order to block the Liberals from ramming through anti-democratic changes to how Parliament functions.

Among the most dangerous changes are reducing the accountability of the Prime Minister in Question Period (with only one PM Question Period per week), and reducing the amount of time opposition members can speak, which would make the government even more powerful while crippling the opposition.

Especially coming from a Prime Minister who admires China’s “basic dictatorship,” and seems to love Fidel Castro, those changes are deeply disturbing.

So, by shutting down a meeting where the opposition is trying to slow the changes down, the Trudeau Liberals are showing exactly why nobody trusts them to make rule changes in the first place.

It’s no surprise Trudeau is now being called a political thug.

The government says the meeting was shut down so negotiations can take place, but Conservative House Leader Candace Bergen was clear that the Liberals are “taking all of our tools away,” when it comes to the opposition parties’ ability to fight back.

In his arrogance, Justin Trudeau has clearly lost patience with how our democracy functions. That’s why it’s time for Canadians to lose patience with him and make him a drama teacher again.

Spencer Fernando