Trudeau Planning Gun Grab?

The Trudeau Liberals are planning new firearms legislation, and that has many Canadians – including rural Liberal MPs – very nervous.

As reported in the Hill Times, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is working on legislation to rid the streets of “handguns and assault weapons.” And while the government claims they aren’t planning to create a gun registry, there is growing concern over Trudeau’s intentions.

That concern is justified.

According to the Hill Times, “Liberal sources said the upcoming bill might introduce new measures that could upset rural Canadians.”

Trudeau and the Liberals don’t understand guns

I used to have the “politically correct” view on guns. That view holds that fewer guns = less gun crime. However, the facts contradict that politically correct view, and shows why Trudeau and the Liberals don’t understand how gun violence works.

First of all, the facts are very clear that some of the nations with the most guns are also the safest.

As reported by the Telegraph, Switzerland has 45.7 guns per 100 residents, Sweden has 31.6, and Norway has 31.3. All of those nations are in the top 10 among nations with the most guns. And yet all three are incredibly safe.

Even the United States – despite having by far the most guns per 100 people (112.6), is not even in the top 10 when it comes to gun related deaths per 100,000 residents.

The US has 10.54 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people, far behind nations such as Honduras (67.18), Venezuela (59.13), and Swaziland (37.16). Those nations have a far higher rate of gun deaths than other countries that are more heavily armed.

Clearly, gun violence is caused by something other than the sheer number of guns in a country.

Impoverished Urban Centres

If you look at the countries with both a high rate of gun ownership and a low rate of gun crime, you’ll notice that they are rich western countries. If you look at the countries with a high rate of gun-related deaths per person, you’ll note that they are all poor, and poorly governed countries.

Looking even further, consider where gun crime is concentrated. In the United States, gun deaths are concentrated in large urban centres – predominately in poor neighbourhoods. Gun deaths are in fact mostly suicides (in the US), and when it comes to homicides, gangs play a huge role.

As reported in ThoughtCo, an estimated 80% of Chicago homicides are gang-related. Chicago – a city with very strict gun control – nevertheless has an epidemic of gun violence. What else does Chicago have? An impoverished urban centre and heavy gang activity.

Two parts of the ThoughtCo article on gun control are worth quoting at length:

“Solve the problem of gang violence, and a huge chunk of the gun homicide and violence problem is solved. And what national gun control measures would slow the gang violence problem, when local gun control laws have failed in cities like Chicago? If politicians were really worried about gun deaths, wouldn’t they be specifically targeting where a majority of the problems exist?”

“Most of the gun laws are aimed at a segment of the population that is mostly law-abiding and outside of the gang culture and would likely do little to stop any of the violence.”

That last part, the targeting of law-abiding citizens, is what has so many people worried about what Trudeau is planning on guns.

Trudeau and the politically correct elites operate from the mindset that says grabbing people’s guns makes everyone safer. They fail to recognize that a one-size fits all approach is doomed to failure for a very simple reason: Rural Canadians – who have a high proportion of the guns in Canada – are not the source of gun crime.

People in rural areas – especially the most isolated parts of the country – need guns for self-defence. There is no way people can rely on a quick police response, and there are threats in rural areas from animals that are simply not encountered in the city. Additionally, hunters and firearm enthusiasts are among the most law-abiding people in the country, and are not a source of gun crime.

Canada actually has a high rate of guns per 100 people (30.8). Despite that, we have a relatively low rate of gun crime.

What the Trudeau Liberals either don’t understand, or chose not to understand is that gun crime in Canada is almost totally concentrated in poor urban centres. In those areas, the key problems are reducing the influence of gangs and creating jobs and economic opportunities.

Furthermore, most of the guns used in crimes are handguns that are already illegal.

Unfortunately, Trudeau is too busy giving $10 billion dollars in foreign aid away to other countries – money that could be invested in our poor urban centres to help alleviate poverty and create opportunity – which would also reduce gun crime.

Trudeau Liberals will target law-abiding people without fixing the real problems

The Trudeau Liberals may not call their new legislation a gun registry, but people are justifiably worried that the government will impose more restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners, while leaving the real problem of inner city poverty unaddressed.

This continues Justin Trudeau’s approach of finding the worst way to solve every problem, and falling for the politically correct line every single time, even when it leads to bad policy.

Canada does not have a gun problem, we have a problem with poverty in our urban centres. Justin Trudeau doesn’t get that, and it’s yet another of the many reasons he must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando